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Why Managing Security Should Be Like Managing Life

Life is full of challenges and complexities that can hinder your ability to optimally achieve tasks all on our own, without the assistance of a professional. This can range from something simple, like getting from Point A to Point B or putting dinner on the table, to more complex, like installing a new kitchen countertop or drawing up legal documents.

And to compensate for these various limitations - whether they are driven by a lack of time, expertise, desire or something else - you commonly turn to outside help. No matter the chore or problem, there are countless times in your life when tasking the responsibility to a specialist is worth the weight off your back. In fact, this delegation model has given way to the exploding "on-demand economy" that exists to fulfill consumer needs in real-time (or close to it).

But what about in the world of business, specifically when it comes to information security and ensuring that a company is addressing threats and vulnerabilities in the most ideal way possible?

A new infographic from Trustwave beautifully paints this parallel and helps you understand the true benefits of partnering with a managed security services provider (MSSP). Please enjoy the infographic and remember to share it with your peers!

Download the Infographic (PDF)

Manage Security Manage Life Infographic

Download the Infographic (PDF)