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Why Modern Cybercrime is the Perfect Storm

The general impression of the cybercriminal underground - that subterraneous and lawless fragment of the deep web where occupants and visitors trade exploit kits, stolen data and other digital contraband - might be one of chaos and disorder.

That is until you consider the soaring rates of cybercrime over the past decade, and it becomes apparent that this community treats its craft with the utmost seriousness. After all, the huge profits that both buyers and sellers have collected means they are operating within an apparatus that is built for success.

But exactly what does this business of cybercrime look like and what weaknesses are allowing it to perpetuate? Answering those questions can help you start on the path of undermining this furtive economy through better identifying and reducing threats with the help of skilled personnel.

This slick new interactive infographic - titled "Modern Cybercrime: The Perfect Storm" - distills the key attributes of cybercrime and offers a valuable resource that you can bookmark and share within your organization to help grow knowledge and drive awareness.

We hope you enjoy!

Modern Cybercrime...The Perfect Storm