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With Trustwave, the Best in MDR Just Got Better

Trustwave has created new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to deliver unmatched capabilities tailored to fit an organization regardless of size or budget. 

While larger organizations may have the resources for heavy security investments, small and medium enterprises (SME) often struggle to keep up with this punishing pace and finding enough qualified security personnel can be even more challenging with the ongoing skills shortage. 

Trustwave's managed security offering ensures access to the same threat detection and response capabilities as a large enterprise but on an SME budget.

Trustwave's MDR service provides:

  1. Rapid Time to Value- No one in the industry is faster to value, it takes seconds to ingest data with production of outcomes within 10 minutes or less, and an organization can be onboarded in as little as 10 days.
  2. Faster Personalized Response- No one in the industry responds faster* than Trustwave with a Mean-Time-to-Respond of less than 30 minutes with a personalized client-defined response protocol which is seamlessly integrated into our SOC workflows.
  3. Unrivalled Threat Intelligence –The culmination of decades of experience and global threat intelligence leadership is infused into our service offers which allow us to detect what others can’t. We’re prolific in finding threats and vulnerabilities.
  4. Dedicated Cyber Success Team - Named resources support our clients from onboarding to the life of their contracts. With intimate knowledge of client environments, we deliver faster and more efficient response and resolution.

Client-Defined Response Protocols

Trustwave also understands that organizations have a different tolerance for how much control they wish to give to the cybersecurity provider. Some clients may wish to be included in every decision; others recognize that a proper and fast response is best left to the experts.

These protocols place the client in complete control. By setting a response level before an incident takes place Trustwave can begin responding on the client’s behalf immediately without waiting for permission.

Trustwave MDR – A Solution for Small and Medium Enterprise

At the center of the offering is the Trustwave Fusion platform, our purpose-built, cloud-native security operations platform. Trustwave has designed Fusion to integrate with hybrid multi-cloud environments to provide complete coverage. 

However, access to Trustwave SpiderLabs' resources is only one aspect of the package.

Clients receive:

  • 24/7 Threat Detection, Prioritization, Investigation by Global Threat Operators & SpiderLabs
  • Threat Response
  • Threat Hunting and Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Security Colony Subscription
  • Unlimited EDR Security Telemetry
  • 5 MEPD for Cloud Security Telemetry Sources
  • A Client Success Manager

Trustwave MDR Elite – The Gold Standard 

Trustwave MDR Elite delivers clients everything in the base package plus greater integration with Trustwave SpiderLabs and a richer feature set. Our objective is to protect clients from critical severity incidents at the endpoint with an MTTA (15min) and MTTR (30 min) clearly defined from the start.

With Trustwave Elite, clients receive:

  • 24/7 Threat Detection, Prioritization, Investigation by Global Threat Operators & SpiderLabs
  • Threat Response
  • Threat Hunting and Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Security Colony Subscription
  • Unlimited EDR Security Telemetry
  • Client Success Manager
  • 20+ MEPD for Cloud Security Telemetry Sources
  • Named SpiderLabs Threat Expert
  • SpiderLabs Remote Incident Response
  • Service Level Obj. for Critical MTTA and MTTR

At the Elite level, SpiderLabs security engineers sharpen the analytics, rules, and policies for optimal performance and detection with monthly reviews of security incidents and findings. Additionally, customers receive SpiderLabs remote incident response because every second after a breach is discovered is critical. We respond immediately to get you started with 20 hours of security incident triage and investigation.

“Trustwave MDR’s fast time to value and fast time to respond help accelerate value for Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR clients on their cybersecurity investments,” said Tom Barsi, Vice President Worldwide Cortex Ecosystems at Palo Alto Networks. “The combination of Palo Alto Networks Cortex Portfolio along with Trustwave’s SpiderLabs, and cloud-native Fusion platform, delivers a truly integrated offering to customers.”

The Trustwave Security Colony Difference

As part of each package, our MDR customers gain access to the Trustwave Security Colony, a unique service that includes an extensive library of documents, templates, presentations, and video assets covering more than 400 cybersecurity topics derived from thousands of actual security consulting engagements performed by Trustwave. 

In addition, Trustwave Security Colony contains public and private forums to discuss issues directly with cybersecurity experts, and offers security maturity and ransomware readiness assessments, plus both vendor risk assessments and darkweb breach monitoring which are continually monitored over time.

Are you looking to start your MDR journey? Click here to find out more.

* based on a review of competitors' publicly stated MTTR specifications