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Research Report

COVID-19 Insight from the Telco Security Alliance

Three members of the Telco Security Alliance have joined together to create this report through their respective cybersecurity and threat intelligence units: AT&T Cybersecurity (AT&T Alien Labs), Singtel (Trustwave) and Telefónica (ElevenPaths). It covers noteworthy discoveries related to COVID-19 in the cybersecurity domain.

The cyber threat landscape has evolved quickly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting attacks to a new tempo and success potential. Along with many in the cybersecurity community, Telco Security Alliance members have observed a sharp increase in malicious activity taking advantage of the pandemic while nations and organizations are at their most vulnerable. These adversaries are increasingly seeking to opportunistically benefit financially, gain unauthorized access to networks for immediate and long-term strategic benefit, and spread misinformation with political agendas. The three members of the Alliance participating in this report investigated multiple threat actors (from crimeware to nation states) who are continuing or increasing attacks during the pandemic against private organizations and government agencies.