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Deeper Dive: Protecting Your Data in a Hybrid Environment

In our first session of the series, we discussed how to uncover where your sensitive data may reside in a hybrid environment. Now, we’re digging a bit deeper - You know where your data lives, but do you know how to best protect it?

Data is one of the most valuable assets for any given organization, which means that it’s often under attack. It takes a layered approach compromised of the right people, processes, and technology to protect data in a way that outsmarts even the most sophisticated of attackers.

In this session, we brought together security minds with specializations on data security, pen testing, and more to share best practices for an effective, holistic data security solution. They discussed:

  • What needs to be employed to apply security controls to your hybrid environment
  • How to take a risk-based approach to protect data in a variety of locations
  • What governance, processes, management styles, and technologies are recommended to secure your data