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AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect Knowledgebase Update – March 25, 2014

The next update to the Knowledgebase for AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect is now available.

Knowledgebase version 4.34 includes checks for new vulnerabilities and configuration issues in Microsoft SQL Server.

This update also includes improvements to existing checks to determine whether you're correctly patching your MySQL installations in accordance with your organization's security policy. See below for highlights.

New Vulnerability and Configuration Check Highlights

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Database not encrypted
  • Alter Any Endpoint privilege granted
  • Transaction Log not enabled
  • Audit trace not set to shut down on error
  • Default account 'SA' must have its password changed after installation
  • Maximum number of simultaneous user connections allowed
  • Transaction Log files configuration
  • Alter Any Event Session permission granted to role

How to Update?

All AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect customers can download and install the latest update from the Customer Support Portal. AppDetectivePRO customers can receive the update by launching the "Updater" within the product.