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Database Security Knowledgebase Update 5.02

This month's update for Database Security Knowledgebase is now available.

Knowledgebase version 5.02 includes new checks for Microsoft SQL Server and SAP (Sybase) ASE

New Vulnerability and Configuration Check Highlights

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Orphaned users
    • Examines for orphaned users.
    • Risk: Low
    • Relevant CVEs:N/A

SAP (Sybase) ASE

  • Entire database encryption
    • Check if entire databases are encrypted.
    • Risk: Informational
    • Relevant CVEs:N/A
  • Store password hashes using SHA-256 only
    • Verify that passwords are stored hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm only.
    • Risk: Low
    • Relevant CVEs:N/A


  • Available to allAppDetectivePRO and DbProtect customers with maintenance (subscription or perpetual) in good standing at no additional cost
  • Download SHATTER Knowledgebase from the Trustwave Support Portal (https://www.trustwave.com/Company/Support/ and select AppDetectivePRO or DbProtect)
  • AppDetectivePRO customers can use the Updater within the product as well