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Database Security Knowledgebase Update 5.56

Trustwave Database Security Knowledgebase version 5.56 includes new checks for MongoDB, SAP ASE, MySQL, and new policies for new releases of DISA-STIG and CIS.

New Vulnerability and Configuration Check Highlights


  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise multiple vulnerabilities (security notes 2915585, 2916927, 2917022, 2917090, 2917273, 2917275)
    • Risk: High
    • Read more details about these vulnerabilities on the SpiderLabs Blog.


  • Ensure Encryption of data at rest
    • Risk: High


  • log_error_suppression_list system variable value
    • Risk: Informational

Updated Checks


  • Latest patch not applied
    • Risk: High
  • Patch not applied on time
    • Risk: High 

New Policies

  • CIS v1.0.0 for SQL Server 2019 - Audit (Built in)
  • CIS v3.0.0 for Oracle 12c - Audit (Built-In)
  • DISA-STIG Oracle 12c V1R17 - Audit (Built-in)
  • DISA-STIG PostgreSQL 9.x V1R7 - Audit (Built-In)
  • DISA-STIG PostgreSQL EDB V1R7 - Audit (Built-In)
  • DISA-STIG SQL Server 2014 V1R6-10-Audit (Built-in)
  • DISA-STIG SQL Server 2016 V1R5-9 Audit (Built-In)


  • Available to all AppDetectivePRO and DbProtect customers with maintenance (subscription or perpetual) in good standing at no additional cost.
  • Download SHATTER Knowledgebase from the Trustwave Support Portal. (https: //www.trustwave.com/Company/Support/and select AppDetectivePRO or DbProtect)
  • AppDetectivePRO customers can use the Updater within the product as well