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End-of-Life Announcement for Trustwave DbProtect Versions 6.4.8 and Older

With the release of Trustwave DbProtect version 6.5 we are announcing the End-of-Life (EOL) for Trustwave DbProtect versions 6.4.8 and older, effective immediately. Please note that software maintenance releases, including security patches and bug fixes, will no longer be issued for these versions of Trustwave DbProtect.

We recommend that customers currently using versions subject to the EOL upgrade to the latest version of Trustwave DbProtect. The benefits of upgrading to the current release include increased security, greater stability and bug fixes. Customers who choose to upgrade to the current version of Trustwave DbProtect will receive assistance from Trustwave in resolving issues that may arise from the transition.

The current version of Trustwave DbProtect software and documentation can be found on the Trustwave Customer Portal. There is no cost to upgrade for customers with active maintenance agreements. Please contact Trustwave Customer Support  for assistance with and information regarding the upgrade process. Please contact your Trustwave sales representative if you have additional questions.