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TrustKeeper Scan Engine Update for October 16, 2019


The latest update to the TrustKeeper scan engine that powers our Trustwave Vulnerability Management product (including both internal and external vulnerability scanning) is now available. Enjoy!

New Vulnerability Test Highlights

Some of the more interesting vulnerability tests we added recently are as follows:


  • Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series Switches TCP Denial of Service Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20190925-cat4000-tcp-dos_cvrf and CSCvk66730) (CVE-2019-12652)
  • Cisco IOS HTTP Client Information Disclosure Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20190925-http-client_cvrf and CSCvf36258) (CVE-2019-12665)
  • Cisco IOS IOx Application Environment Guest Operating System Unauthorized Access Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20190925-ios-gos-auth_cvrf and CSCvm86480) (CVE-2019-12648)
  • Cisco IOS Session Initiation Protocol Denial of Service Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20190925-sip-dos_cvrf and CSCvn00218) (CVE-2019-12654)
  • Cisco IOS Stored Banner Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CSCvk25852) (CVE-2019-12668)
  • Cisco IOx Application Environment Denial of Service Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20190925-iox_cvrf, CSCvp28143, CSCvp28178 and CSCvq86542) (CVE-2019-12656)

Atlassian Jira

  • Atlassian Jira AccessLogFilter class information leak (CVE-2019-14997)
  • Atlassian Jira Custom Field Optimizer Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2019-8450)
  • Atlassian Jira Dashboard & Gadgets Server Side Request Forgery Vulnerability (CVE-2019-8451)
  • Atlassian Jira Groupuserpicker api resource user enumeration (CVE-2019-8449)
  • Atlassian Jira Navigation - FilterPickerPopup.jspa resource Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2019-14996)
  • Atlassian Jira Template Injection Vulnerability in Jira Importers Plugin (CVE-2019-15001)
  • Atlassian Jira Webwork action Cross-Site Request Forgery protection bypass (CVE-2019-14998)

Dell Remote Controller Environment

  • Integrated Dell Remote Controller Environment - Default Credentials


  • OpenSSH XMSS Pre-authentication Integer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2019-16905)


  • Ruby File.fnmatch NUL injection vulnerability (CVE-2019-15845)
  • Ruby Shell#[] Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2019-16255)
  • Ruby WEBrick HTTP Response Splitting Vulnerability(Additional Fix) (CVE-2019-16254)
  • Ruby WEBrick Regular Expression Denial of services vulnerability in Digest access authentication (CVE-2019-16201)


  • vBulletin widgetConfig Code Injection Vulnerability (http_attacker) (CVE-2019-16759)

How to Update?

All Trustwave customers using the TrustKeeper Scan Engine receive the updates automatically as soon as an update is available. No action is required.