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Trustwave AppDetectivePRO 9

Trustwave is pleased to launch AppDetectivePRO version 9. This latest version of AppDetectivePRO introduces the following capabilities:

  • Discovery, Audit Scan, and User Rights Review for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 installed on Windows.
  • A frequently requested feature of locking the ASAP Updater. With this new release you will be able to disable ASAP Updates to the current versions that are installed. This feature may be helpful for older databases that you still want to scan.
  • Additionally, AppDetectivePRO releases with Shatter KB 5.35 introduces:
    • Three new policies
      • CIS v1.0.0 for PostgreSQL 9.5
      • DISA-STIG SQL Server 2014 V1R6-9
      • DISA-STIG Oracle 12c V1R11
    • Thirty-seven updated policies
    • New checks for MySQL, and Oracle, PostgreSQL

If you have already installed AppDetectivePRO 8.7 or higher, you can update to this latest version directly from the ASAP Updater within AppDetectivePRO. If you are updating from a version older than AppDetectivePRO 8.7 please refer to the User Guide for instructions by clicking here. For assistance, please contact support by clicking here.