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Web Application Security – ModSecurity Commercial Rules, Update for January 2020

Overview for rules released by Trustwave SpiderLabs in January for ModSecurity Commercial Rules package. The rules are available for versions 2.9.x and 3.x of ModSecurity.

ModSecurity Commercial Rules detect attacks or classes of attacks on web applications and their components as well as provide virtual patches for public vulnerabilities.

Release Summary

WordPress Plugin Real Estate 7 < 2.9.5 XSS
WordPress Plugin Resim Ara <= 3.0 XSS
WordPress Plugin Donorbox 7.1 XSS
WordPress Plugin Ultimate FAQ < 1.8.30 XSS
WordPress Plugin WooCommerce Conversion Tracking < 2.0.5 XSS
WordPress Plugin bbPress Members Only <= 1.2.1 CSRF
WordPress Plugin bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Topic Pages <= 2.7.5 XSS
WordPress Plugin 301 Redirects Easy Redirect Manager <= 2.40 XSS
WordPress Plugin ListingPro <= XSS CVE-2019-19541
WordPress Plugin ListingPro <= XSS CVE-2019-19540
WordPress Plugin CSS Hero <=4.03 XSS CVE-2019-19133
Job Portal 1.0 RCE
piSignage 2.6.4 Directory Traversal CVE-2019-20354
Apache Solr Velocity template RCE CVE-2019-17558
Complaint Management System 4.0 RCE
Complaint Management System 4.0 SQLi
WordPress Plugin Quiz And Survey Master 6.3.4 XSS CVE-2019-17599
Citrix Application Delivery Controller and Citrix Gateway RCE CVE-2019-19781

How to Update

All the rules released this month are available for download and can be configured using the ModSecurity Dashboard. The rules are associated with the default profile and enabled for all licensed servers. To verify the rules were successfully downloaded by ModSecurity, log in to the ModSecurity Dashboard and verify the server "Last seen" date, which indicates the last successful download for the specified server.