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Web Application Security – ModSecurity Commercial Rules, Update for November 30, 2018

Overview for rules released by Trustwave SpiderLabs in this month for ModSecurity Commercial Rules package. The rules available to versions 2.9.x and 3.x of ModSecurity. Those rules are developed to detect attacks or classes of attacks on web applications and their components as well as to provide virtual patches for public vulnerabilities.

Release Summary

  • WordPress Plugin Ninja Forms 3.3.17 XSS CVE-2018-19287
  • WordPress Plugin Media File Manager 1.4.2 LFI + CSRF CVE-2018-19040 CVE-2018-19042 CVE-2018-19043
  • WordPress Plugin Media File Manager 1.4.2 XSS CVE-2018-19041
  • WordPress Plugin Custom Frontend Login Registration 1.01 XSS
  • Magento unauthenticated arbitrary unserialize CVE-2016-4010

Trustwave SpiderLabs also released 17 new rules to detect suspicious crypto-mining and magecart activity.

  • Crypto-Mining Activity
    • CoinHive
    • DeepMiner
    • Bomonero
    • WebCoin
    • CryptoNoter
    • xmrhut
    • CoinRail
    • CoinImp
    • CoinNebula
    • CoinBlind
    • Coinnerra
    • ProjectPoi
    • CoinHave
    • CryptoLoot
  • Magecart Activity
    • Magecart Host Blacklist Alert
    • Magecart Related Code Detected in Response Body
    • Magecart Related Strings/Patterns Detected in Response Body

Although crypto-mining can be done legitimately, when website owners deploy mining software as an alternative to advertisements, the inserted code is mostly used by hackers as malware to hijack and utilize the CPU power of website visitors to their own advantage.

In these cases, the presence of crypto-mining script is clear evidence that the website has been compromised.

This release also includes a set of rules tailored to alert and deny attempts to exploit vulnerable Magento installations and also detecting and blocking scripts that have been infected/compromised by Magecart actors or attacks that resembles this modus operandi. For more information regarding Magecart and these rules, please refer to “Magecart - An overview and defense mechanisms” on the Trustwave blog.

Please note that the default action for the Crypto-Mining Activity rules is LOG only and further action needs to be taken if your website has already been compromised:

  • Inspect the compromised web page and remove the malicious script
  • Validate all input received from clients and instruct developers to perform input validation wherever user input is provided
  • Make sure that you are using the latest, non-vulnerable software and versions, and check that all security patches have been applied

For more information regarding crypto-mining, please refer to the Trustwave blog.

How to Update

All the rules released this month are already available for download and can be configured on the ModSecurity Dashboard. The rules are associated with the default profile and enabled for all licensed servers. In order to verify the rules were successfully downloaded by ModSecurity, login to ModSecurity Dashboard and verify the server "Last seen" date, which indicates the last successful download for the specified server.