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Web Application Security – ModSecurity Commercial Rules, Update for September 2018

Overview for rules released by Trustwave SpiderLabs in this month for ModSecurity Commercial Rules package. The rules available to versions 2.9.x and 3.x of ModSecurity. Those rules are developed to detect attacks or classes of attacks on web applications and their components as well as to provide virtual patches for public vulnerabilities.

Release Summary

CVE-2018-13832: WordPress Plugin All In One Favicon 4.6 XSS (2180102)

WordPress Plugin Job Manager 4.1.0 XSS (2180103)

CVE-2018-11776: Apache Struts 2.3/2.5 RCE (2180104)

Drupal Open Redirect (2180105)

CVE-2018-14773: Drupal 8.x Cache Poisoning (2180106)

CVE-2017-1000028: Oracle GlassFish Server 4.1 Path Traversal (2180107)

WordPress Plugin Chained Quiz 1.0.8 SQli (2180108)

WordPress Plugin Gift Voucher 1.0.5 SQli (2180109)

WordPress Plugin Jibu Pro 1.7 XSS (2180110)

CVE-2018-15877: WordPress Plugin Plainview Activity Monitor 20161228 RCE (2180111)

WordPress Plugin Quizlord 2.0 XSS (2180112)

CVE-2018-17385: Joomla! Component Social Factory 3.8.3 SQLi (2180113)

Joomla Component eXtroForms 2.1.5 SQLi (2180114)

CVE-2018-17382: Joomla! Component Jobs Factory 2.0.4 SQLi CVE-2018-17382 (2180115)

CVE-2018-17375: Joomla! Component Music Collection 3.0.3 SQLi (2180116)

CVE-2018-17384: Joomla! Component Swap Factory 2.2.1 SQLi (2180117)

CVE-2018-17377: Joomla! Component Questions 1.4.3 SQLi (2180118)

CVE-2018-17383: Joomla! Component Collection Factory 4.1.9 SQLi (2180119)

Joomla! Component Dutch Auction Factory 2.0.2 SQLi (2180120)

Joomla! Component Raffle Factory 3.5.2 SQLi (2180121)

CVE-2018-17376: Joomla! Component Reverse Auction Factory 4.3.8 SQLi (2180122)

CVE-2018-17376: Joomla! Component Reverse Auction Factory 4.3.8 SQLi (2180123)

CVE-2018-17397: Joomla! Component AlphaIndex Dictionaries 1.0 SQLi (2180124)

CVE-2018-17380: Joomla! Component Article Factory Manager 4.3.9 SQLi (2180125)

CVE-2018-17394: Joomla! Component Timetable Schedule 3.6.8 SQLi (2180126)

Joomla! Component Responsive Portfolio 1.6.1 SQLi (2180127)

CVE-2018-14592: Joomla! Component CW Article Attachments 1.0.6 SQLi (2180128)

Joomla! Component Auction Factory 4.5.5 SQLi (2180129)

CVE-2018-1002000: WordPress Plugin Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter 2.5 Blind SQLi (2180130)

CVE-2018-1002001: WordPress Plugin Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter 2.5 Blind XSS (2180131)

CVE-2018-16283: WordPress Plugin Wechat Broadcast 1.2.0 LFI (2180132)

CVE-2018-16299: WordPress Plugin Localize My Post 1.0 LFI (2180133)

CVE-2018-17378: Joomla! Component Penny Auction Factory 2.0.4 SQLi (2180134)

How to Update

All the rules released this month are already available for download and can be configured on the ModSecurity Dashboard. The rules are associated with the default profile and enabled for all licensed servers. In order to verify the rules were successfully downloaded by ModSecurity, login to ModSecurity Dashboard and verify the server "Last seen" date, which indicates the last successful download for the specified server.