Cyber Architecture & Integration Services

In response to the increasing likelihood of a breach, organizations are looking for ways to optimize their existing security investments to increase their detection and response capabilities. Any new plan must be agile enough to address the rapid changes in modern attacks. Security teams have a new challenge: Detect faster, respond quicker, adapt sooner.


Highly Specialized Security Experts

Trustwave Cyber Architecture and Integration consultants partner with organizations to tailor an approach to enhance their threat detection and response capabilities.

CISOs often have the vision of where they want to go but struggle with the investment required to make it real. Taking in to account current people, processes and technologies, Trustwave works with organizations to create an agile, go-forward plan tailored to their evolving needs.

Research Report

2021 Network Security Report

There’s been no shortage of malicious attacks and bad actors the past year – and no signs of the threat landscape slowing down. Trustwave compiled a report of popular network attack methods and suggested mitigation tactics for organizations to prepare their defenses. Read our 2021 Network Security Report for an overview of the prevalent threats over the last several months and proactive security measures you should take.

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Advise. Transform. Operations.

What you get with Trustwave Cyber Architecture & Integration Services

  • Optimize Your Security Toolset

    Align your security program to business cyber risks, in addition to enhancing detection and response capabilities.

  • Drive Business Innovation and Growth

    Meticulously assess security operations and tailor the right transformation approach based on business objectives.

  • Adapt to the Evolving Threat Landscape

    Navigate threats posed by an evolving attack surface, new technologies and regulations, mergers and acquisitions and geographic expansions.

  • Empower Your Team

    Collaborate with Trustwave to remediate gaps in your transformation roadmap to develop processes, reporting and dashboards, and optimize technologies critical to your program.

Cyber Architecture & Integration

Design. Build. Optimize.

The Trustwave Cyber Architecture and Integration teams work with clients to design, build and optimize solutions to mitigate threats in the cloud and in the enterprise.

Solution Optimization

Design, deployment and optimization of security controls.

SOC Transformation

Support to uplift the people, processes and technology underpinning a high-performing SOC.

Cyber Defense Center Build

Modernizing a client's threat detection & response program across SOC, cloud and OT.

DevSecOps Transformation

Evolving client development and deployment processes to increase speed and agility

Cloud Architecture & Controls

Readiness assessment, design and migration, and operational advice for cloud security

OT & IoT Transformation

Support transitioning to a future state of increased visibility and control