Managed Security

Trustwave TrustKeeper

A unified cloud-based portal that gives you visibility into your threat, vulnerability and compliance states, including metrics, assets, findings and reports across your entire infrastructure.

A Unified Security Platform

Organizations that maintain complete visibility into their network will be in a far better position to protect against data breaches. The Trustwave TrustKeeper portal is a powerful, fully featured platform that allows you to access and maintain all assets, vulnerabilities, risks, findings and reports across your entire environment – through a single, easy-to-use platform.

What TrustKeeper Brings to You

  • Customizable dashboards that let you view summaries of activity and security status.
  • Combined threat and vulnerability findings and the ability to drill down into individual details.
  • A detailed view into assets, with information populated from logs, events, vulnerabilities and managed security services.
  • Functionality to search assets, findings and raw data received from various devices.
  • The ability to view devices under management, including their current and historical status.
  • Support to help handle security incidents and resolve device/technology management issues.

Comprehensive Protection.

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    Centralized Platform and Tools

    Gain easy access to a wide variety of tools related to compliance management, managed security services, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. App integration, support and online chat help bolster the power of TrustKeeper.

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    Security Built to Scale

    Use our wizards and to-do list to accelerate and track your efforts while automating across complex, distributed networks with enterprise-grade managed services.

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    Holistic Enterprise View

    Streamline and automate processes, improve visibility and control complexity, while reducing the burden of managing technologies yourself.

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    Unmatched security expertise

    Gain access to the expertise of Trustwave SpiderLabs, our advanced security team adept in forensics, ethical hacking and security testing.

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    Powerful Reporting

    Access a variety of functions to help meet internal reporting, audit, compliance and other needs, including online reporting and metrics of vulnerabilities, risk and remediation, compromised data and project status.

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    Customizable Dashboards

    Adjust views to your business needs by changing widgets as needed and creating multiple tabs. Gain visibility into key metrics or data collected across the three main pillars: findings, assets and events.