Rapid Action Program by Trustwave

A pragmatic approach to security by making your unknown vulnerabilities known, so you can sleep better at night.



Keep your Vulnerabilities from Being Exposed by Putting Locks on the Doors and Windows

The Rapid Action Program by Trustwave (RAP) is a lightweight yet powerful assessment that searches out your unknown vulnerabilities. The Trustwave team rapidly and pragmatically identify exposures that are likely to get you hurt. 

Cost Effective

High value, low-cost assessment to reduce risk now and with 12 month ongoing support.

Close Gaps Rapidly

Pragmatic solution that focuses on finding vulnerabilities so you can resolve issues and harden security posture quickly.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Experienced experts that know where to look and what to do, saving you time in getting to the issues that genuinely get you hurt.


Reduce your Risks NOW Through a High Value, Low Cost Solution

Trustwave's Rapid Action Program is designed to quickly and efficiently get you to move your unknown vulnerabilities to known so you can spend more time on fixing issues.

  • Addresses your concerns regarding "missing the obvious" vulnerabilities

  • Evaluates both internal and external vulnerabilities

  • Breach monitoring for email address and password breaches

  • Delivered by Trustwave SpiderLabs, an elite global team of cyber experts and Trustwave Cyber Advisory experts

Output and Delivery

An Inclusive Offering to Reduce your Exposure from Outside Threats

  • Trustwave Security Colony Core Subscriptions

    12-month access to a library of resources that clients need to be proactive and improve their security maturity

  • Tabletop Exercise

    Identify questions that need answers, responsibilities that need owners or processes that need developing

  • Security Colony Maturity Assessment

    Trustwave will facilitate the completion of a Maturity Assessment which is hosted within the Security Colony platform

  • Roadmap

    Based on outcomes from the Assessments and Tabletop Exercise, Trustwave will identify gaps and prioritize them to get maximum impact from the clients investment

  • Pre-Attack Vulnerability Assessment

    Trustwave and client will jointly develop and execute a scenario-based exercise based on real investigations, to help review incident response capability

  • Additional Consulting Hours

    With 80 additional consulting hours, Trustwave will assist the client in closing gaps and build confidence that the RAP offering improved their overall risk posture