Cybersecurity Education

Security Awareness Education

Organizations need to mitigate the biggest risk - the human factor - by creating a vigilant culture of security awareness within the organization.


One Click Can Cost Millions

Technology alone cannot mitigate all the risk; one click can bypass millions spent in hardware and cyber threats continue to grow daily. The solution is to partner with Trustwave to mitigate the human risk factor by setting up a security awareness education program for all employees in your organization.

Providing security awareness education to an organization is key to mitigating this factor by creating a vigilant culture where every employee is empowered to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats and attacks.

Trustwave offers Security Awareness Education (SAE) with the ability to add a phishing simulation plugin.

What is Security Awareness Education?

Security Awareness Education offers a cloud-based, fully automated, SaaS LMS featuring expertly curated programs that includes media- rich, award-winning content.

Security Awareness Education

Empowering and Educational

A successful defense against cyberattacks starts with empowering employees to be aware of the dynamic landscape and stay vigilant against cybersecurity attacks. Trustwave Security Awareness Education features up-to-date educational courses to help you and your staff increase the company’s security posture.

Adaptive Learning

Organizations can apply adaptive learning based on the results of the completed cybersecurity assessment included in the learning path.

Full Access

One license grants a user access to the entire security awareness education collection including courses and micro learning videos.

Reporting & Simulations

Advanced reporting is accessible from the security administration dashboard as well as phishing simulation capabilities.

Ultimate Flexibility

This comprehensive security awareness programs allows organizations the ultimate flexibility to roll out an effective program and measure its effectiveness.

Training Courses and Services List

Cybersecurity Education Catalog

The Cybersecurity Education Catalog lists the entire security awareness education collection consisting of course codes, titles, and descriptions and including micro learning videos. Organizations can have the Security First Learning Path automatically rolled out to the organization or use the catalog to create custom learning paths based on the organization's structure or by roles. Suggested role-based learning paths are provided. The Trustwave SAE program is fully customizable!

Phishing Simulation Capabilities

The best option for an organization is to choose the SAE program with phishing simulation capabilities. Send targeted phishing emails to gauge employee response. If an employee "takes the bait" they will be assigned an action your organization's administrator assigns, for example, a course about protecting an organization against phishing.