10 Reasons to Test, Not Guess

Security vulnerabilities are a fact of life for any organization. In fact, it's impossible to close off every single weakness that could invite in a digital adversary. As the old saying goes, businesses need to be right every time, but attackers only need to be correct once.

Still, most companies can do a far better job at minimizing the number of vulnerabilities present across their databases, networks and applications - a move that would significantly better protect their assets, reduce their risk and present a far less attractive target for the bad guys.

A creative new infographic from Trustwave helps illustrate the 10 biggest reasons for vulnerability testing your entire infrastructure so you can make better decisions around your data protection. After all, security shouldn't be a guessing game.

Enjoy the infographic and please share it within your organization and with your peers!

Download the Infographic (PDF)

Download the Infographic (PDF)

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