• Global Federated Security Operations

    Trustwave federated Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOCs) defend our customers from the latest advanced threats using a combination of comprehensive threat intelligence, big data analytics and advanced security automation tools all backed up by our elite SpiderLabs team. Trustwave federated ASOCs are the core of our Managed Security Services that help optimize your security resources to deliver security tailored to your exact needs.

  • Security Operation Center Locations

    Advanced Security Operations Centers

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  • A Different Security Operations Center

    Trustwave ASOCs differ from traditional security operations centers when it comes to delivering effective cyber security. In addition to security device monitoring and alerting, Trustwave ASOCs have extended capabilities for advanced threat detection and real-time incident response, containment and remediation. Additionally, Trustwave covers the entire lifecycle of a security incident--from initial detection through returning a network back to steady state operation—all under one roof by a global team of security professionals solely dedicated to protecting businesses.

    Federated ASOCs

    In today’s advanced threat environment, managed security services providers must share security intelligence and resources across a global network of locations to assess threats in real-time and collaborate globally across their operations on behalf of clients. Our federated ASOCs provide a unique combination of people, processes and technology to protect organizations.

    • People: Trustwave ASOCs are staffed with a highly skilled combination of security professionals ranging from security analysts to security architects and forensic investigators. Not only do these skilled security professionals provide local coverage across various security disciplines, they can assist other regions (or be assisted) as necessary. By federating our security operations, Trustwave is able to provide the exact skill in the exact location across the globe whenever or wherever it’s needed.
    • Process: Trustwave has spent more than twenty years honing our ability to detect the latest threats. From security analyst review through machine learning, these unique processes are combined with our customer support infrastructure to allow every ASOC to deliver the exact same level of service. And since processes are identical, if something starts in one location, it can be transferred and picked up in another with zero disruption to the process or to customers.
    • Technology: Technology forms the backbone of our federated ASOCs. From the distributed Trustwave Security monitoring and investigation architecture that allows for local storage of customer data while sharing relevant global security information to a managed security services portal that is shared both by customers and our security analysts. Technology truly connects all Trustwave people, processes and locations. Many Trustwave ASOCs are also co-located with some of the world’s largest telco providers, allowing for unprecedented threat intelligence sharing facilitated by Trustwave.


    • SpiderLabs Expertise Inside

      Businesses worldwide depend on the global SpiderLabs team at Trustwave to keep them ahead of the latest security threats. The Trustwave SpiderLabs security research team studies attacker techniques to better understand both what's happening now and what methods and vectors will challenge businesses next. The team makes Trustwave services and products more effective by analyzing attacks, threats and vulnerabilities, and then creating update detection rules for dozens of Trustwave solutions. In addition to their daily duties investigating advanced threats, our researchers are sought-after speakers, trusted media sources, published authors and leaders of major industry projects.

    • Security Optimization

      At the end of the day, you need experienced security professionals leveraging the right security technologies, as well as implementing security best practices, on your behalf. Each ASOC is staffed by certified and battle-tested Trustwave security analysts and experts to help optimize your security resources and maximize your security investment. Working closely with your security team, we are able to help reduce your security risk, enhance your detection capabilities and protect your most valuable assets - your data and your business.

    • Global, Federated Architecture

      To enable Trustwave SpiderLabs consultants and ASOC security teams to work together efficiently, Trustwave uses our proprietary, distributed architecture which features big data analytics as well as advanced security automation to spot anomalous / malicious behaviors. The distributed architecture includes smart logging devices on premise that not only collect and forward device logs, they also do site-based correlations looking for site-specific indicators of compromise. Contextual security information is added to the Trustwave global threat database where it becomes available for viewing and analysis by the Trustwave network of ASOCs, both locally and across the globe. This creates a unique force multiplier allowing Trustwave to leverage global expertise in response to customer incidents worldwide as they arise.


  • Start to Finish Lifecycle Security Operations

    A unique benefit to Trustwave ASOCs lies in their ability to cover every aspect of a security incident or potential breach all the way from initial detection to final resolution when your network and business are returned back to steady state operation. This includes not only 24x7 monitoring and detection operations, but then goes above and beyond to support incident response, breach containment and remediation activities needed to return your business back to normal. Having all of this capability under one roof helps accelerate the entire lifecycle, greatly reducing coordination overhead and removes process latency every step of the way so that potential damages or data loss are minimized to the greatest extent possible.

    Seamless, Global Support for Managed Security Services

    Regardless of the type of managed service you may be getting from Trustwave, having that service delivered and supported by our federated ASOCs means never having to worry whether or not you can get support anytime, anywhere in the world. That includes not only Trustwave technology specific managed solutions, but includes a growing number of best-of-breed third-party security solutions as well. Additional benefits of Trustwave’s Managed Security Services include:

    • Solve your security staffing issues easily with in-depth expertise available to you 24x7x365
    • Fully leverage your security technology budget to maximize the breadth of coverage
    • Dedicate your staff to delivering business value while allowing the MSSP to increase your security outcomes
    • Largest breadth and depth of managed security services available from a single provider anywhere
    • One of the largest MSSP customer bases, allowing for an unrivaled breadth of security visibility and up to the minute threat intelligence
    • Highly flexible solutions tailored to your exact needs, from one of the most experienced, fastest growing MSSPs in the world


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