• Hackers are Attacking
    Multiple Attack Vectors

    Lucrative and rapidly-evolving phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud and drive-by downloads routinely penetrate legacy under-managed gateways.

  • $2.3 Billion

    losses from business email compromises


    of malware uses obfuscation to evade detection


    ransomware attacks daily since the beginning of 2016


  • Complete Solutions Address Real Problems

    Innovative Cloud Gateway Security solutions address the real problems IT managers face: lack of sufficiently advanced technology, headcount, specialized knowledge and budget.

    Addressing these people, technology and resource challenges can help protect against the rapidly evolving threat environment.


    • Greater security

      Get better security from advanced solutions managed and optimized by Trustwave experts.

    • Reduced IT labor

      Decrease IT labor requirements and staffing headaches from managed cloud offering.

    • Simplified

      Easy and lest costly ownership.

    • Improved control and monitoring of employees

      Better regulation and monitoring of email and web use via customized policy.


  • Webinar Stopping Ransomware & CEO Email Fraud

    These next level threats are so lucrative that they are accelerating hacking innovations and exploding attack frequencies. Security solutions and users have to be smarter than ever before.

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      October 19, 2016

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      52 mins 9 secs

  • Analyst Report Trustwave Blocks Web-Borne Malware - Guaranteed, or Your Money Back

    Independent analyst firm 451 Research offers a detailed take on the Trustwave Zero Malware Guarantee, a program connected to our Managed Anti-Malware Service. The Zero Malware Guarantee pledges to detect all web-borne malware if you use our Secure Web Gateway and our experts to manage that product. 451's analysis digs into the technology and the guarantee, describing the latter "as a win for both customer and Trustwave."

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      July 17, 2014

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      PDF, 72.67 KB

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      451 Research




  • Managed Secure Web Gateway Cloud

    Only Trustwave Secure Web Gateway (SWG) provides distributed enterprises effective real-time protection against dynamic new malware, strong policy enforcement, and a unique Zero-Malware Guarantee when managed for you by our experts.

    Secure Email Gateway Cloud

    Take the complexities out of protecting against malicious email attacks and ensuring confidential information remains secure with Trustwave Secure Email Gateway. It delivers unmatched email security for organizations of all sizes through a single, scalable solution that comes outfitted with advanced protection against modern threats, powerful policy configuration and in-depth data security and compliance management. With Trustwave Secure Email Gateway, you get superior email security and a whole lot more.