Email Security for Microsoft 365

Defenders need to be right every single time. Attackers, on the other hand, need to be right just once. Active Defense and Extended Protection for Microsoft 365 Users.



Why Native Microsoft 365 Security Isn’t Enough

While Microsoft 365 is a robust service offering, it misses significant phishing, malware and business email compromise attacks.

And, while email security add-ons like Exchange Online Protection (EOP) or Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) have fairly good basic spam and malware filters, they will not reliably stop malicious spam or your end-users from gaining access to malicious emails haphazardly dumped into their junk email folder by Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Email Security

Microsoft 365 Email Security with Trustwave MailMarshal is advanced protection from ordinary to sophisticated attacks by proactively detecting suspicious email, removing them from end user access and shielding well-intentioned end users from falling prey to known and targeted attacks in Microsoft 365.


Secure your Microsoft 365

Trustwave MailMarshal for Microsoft 365 is built on top of the basic security protections in Microsoft 365 for ease of deployment and management

Incoming email to your system is scanned for spam, fraudulent behavior, malicious content, and other vulnerabilities in our secure cloud before it reaches Microsoft 365 and your end-users. Email coming out of your Microsoft 365 is analyzed to ensure acceptable use, and that any other regulatory compliance requirements are met.

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Optimize email security, while right-sizing your Microsoft 365 licensing costs.


Microsoft 365 and Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud

Microsoft 365 detects spam, and malspam to a much lesser extent when compared to the detection rates generated by Trustwave MailMarshal. Suspicious emails detected by Microsoft 365 are not quarantined from end user access giving cyber attackers, through their targeted victims, an extended opportunity to unleash malicious code into a computer network.

Conversely, combining the proprietary defense filters in Trustwave MailMarshal with the built-in security protections in Microsoft 365 delivers unprecedented detection and extended protection in real time by proactively detecting suspicious email, removing them from end user access and shielding well-intentioned end users from falling prey to known and targeted attacks. All at a per user, per year cost considerably less than upgrading to Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license subscriptions.

Suspicious Email Detection Rate

  • 99.97% SPAM

  • 99.99% Malware (Malspam)

  • 99.99% Malware (IR Cases)

  • 99.58% Business Email Compromise

  • 99.93% Phishing

Standard Features

Comprehensive Protection

  • Integration with Azure Rights Management Services

    Is the only email gateway on the market that integrates with Azure Rights Management Services (RMS).

  • Malicious Content Detection

    Provides advanced, proactive threat detection capabilities and supports customizable Yara rules, eliminating the need to move to the most expensive Microsoft 365 enterprise tier.

  • Customizable Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

    Goes beyond Microsoft 365’s traditional anti-spam technologies to protect against spoofing, phishing, CEO fraud and other forms of business email compromise.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Provides full data loss prevention level inspection on outbound emails and attachments to help prevent data leakage and breaches of acceptable use policies – including Azure Rights Management protected documents.

  • Time of Click URL Scanning

    Validates every URL and webpage at the time of click and not just at the time of receipt to ensure you are protected anytime and from any device.

  • Reporting

    Goes far beyond the transactional reporting capability in Microsoft 365. Our robust reporting engine provides deep visibility into rule triggers, threats, impersonation attempts, allows users to report emails that did not trigger the automated defense, and much more.

  • Email Archiving

    Can future-proof your Microsoft 365 investment, provides improved functionality and complies with most compliance and data sovereignty rules including GDPR, HIPAA, & PCI-DSS

  • Email Encryption

    Let email users securely send emails containing sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information and documents to any recipient around the globe without requiring the recipient to download or install any software.

  • Malware Analysis Sandbox

    Proactively prevents advanced malware and provides a safe environment in which to execute and observe malicious code or to encourage threats into exposing themselves.

  • Multi-Layered Anti-Malware

    Performs scans on deconstructed emails, attachments and their components against thousands of heuristics that not only look for suspect traits and exploits in attachments.

  • Optimized Licensing Costs

    Favorable licensing models reduce your Microsoft 365 per user costs by keeping you from paying more for an upgraded licensing package.