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Mayor Emanuel and Trustwave Announce Major Expansion of Company’s Chicago Headquarters

Global Cybersecurity Company Adding More Than 300 Employees at New Chicago Headquarters; City Colleges of Chicago Launching Boot Camp to Prepare Students for High-Skills Cyber Security Jobs

CHICAGO - June 5, 2017 - Mayor Rahm Emanuel today joined Trustwave to open the company's new and expanded headquarters in downtown Chicago. Located at 70 W. Madison St., the new office will support a major expansion of approximately 300 employees and better reflect the company's brand, success and culture as one of the industry's leading and fastest-growing cybersecurity and managed security services providers.

Today also marked the start of the City Colleges of Chicago's (CCC) inaugural Cyber Security Boot Camp. Through a first-of-its-kind partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, the 24-week cyber security training initiative prepares City Colleges students for highly-skilled jobs in one of the nation's fastest growing industries.

"Trustwave's commitment to and expansion in downtown Chicago demonstrates Chicago's blossoming tech scene and ability to draw a skilled workforce for high-tech companies," Mayor Emanuel said. "This expansion not only benefits its current employees but also provides jobs for residents across Chicago and strengthens our growing tech economy. I look forward to watching them continue to thrive right here in the city of Chicago for years to come."

In the new office Trustwave has established a state-of-the-art showplace for customers with a new customer experience center, and has created an innovative, comfortable and collaborative workspace for its employees. By the end of 2017, when the second and final phase of construction is set to be completed, Trustwave will have increased the size of its global headquarters by 65 percent. Approximately one third of Trustwave's approximately 1,700 global employees are based in Chicago, and Trustwave is hiring more sales, engineering, security research and operations talent at an aggressive pace to support its growth. Phase two will create room for more than 700 Chicago-based employees.

"To facilitate our current pace of growth and innovation and the hiring we're doing in the Chicago area, Trustwave has updated our headquarters to better reflect our company's brand, success and culture as one of the industry's leading and fastest-growing cybersecurity and managed security services providers," Trustwave Chief Executive Officer and President Robert J. McCullen said. "The new Trustwave headquarters is a state-of-the-art space that is a showplace for customers and a collaborative, secure and comfortable environment for our employees."

From its worldwide headquarters in downtown Chicago, Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce risk. At its headquarters, security analysts, ethical hackers, forensic investigators, researchers, engineers, sales and support staff develop and deliver some of the most innovative cybersecurity technologies and managed security services in the industry.

The CCC's Cyber Security Boot Camp will be run from Wilbur Wright College. To engage the highly-skilled cyber security apprentices completing the boot camp, several of the city's corporate leaders in the IT industry, including Trustwave, have committed to providing cybersecurity students with a range of supports, including: internship opportunities, ongoing mentoring, recruitment and job placement, and to advise CCC on curriculum development.

Over the last few years, Trustwave has made significant investments in creating great workplaces for employees. Many of the numerous office improvements have supported Trustwave's international growth and expanding geographic footprint. Trustwave has opened new office space in Canada, Israel, and Poland, and has recently built new Advanced Security Operations Centers in Sydney, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan. Trustwave has customers in 96 countries supported by employees in 29 countries. The new Chicago headquarters in its current building in downtown Chicago marks the next phase of expansion for the company.

"70 West Madison is ideal for Trustwave not only for its central location in downtown Chicago and proximity to major transportation, but our property will also allow Trustwave to grow and update its space without significant disruption to its current operations," Stephen Hearn, President and CEO of The Hearn Company said. "While Trustwave is upgrading its headquarters, we are making significant improvements to the building that will bring a reimagined, fresher, and more youthful feel to this iconic property for our tenants, their employees, and their guests. We couldn't be more pleased that Trustwave has chosen 70 West Madison for its major headquarters expansion."

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