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Members of Trustwave's SpiderLabs to Deliver Briefings at SecTor

CHICAGO (September 23, 2009) - Security experts from Trustwave, the leading provider of on-demand data security and payment card industry compliance management solutions to businesses and organizations throughout the world, will deliver several briefings at SecTor in Toronto, October 5-7, 2009. The presentations will be delivered by members of SpiderLabs, the advanced security team at Trustwave responsible for incident response and forensics, penetration testing and application security.

Nicholas J. Percoco and Jibran Ilyas will present, Malware Freakshow, which will review the intricate details of three very interesting types of malware found during real-life forensic investigations. Ranging from simple to very complex, the malware discovered during these investigations are advanced software written by very skilled developers.

Trustwave's SpiderLabs has found that skilled malware developers are shifting their attack vectors from broad attacks compromising as many targets as possible to targeted attacks against specific point-of-sale (POS) systems and specific environments. Despite the varying degrees of difficulty to implement the malware, the end result of each attack is the theft of confidential data leading to significant fraud and business loss for the organizations where it was found. These new malware attack vectors are now categorized as cybercrime and the complexity in their propagation, control channels and data exporting properties will be discussed and demonstrated during the presentation.

Jon Rose, from Trustwave's SpiderLabs, will present, Deblaze - A Remote Method Enumeration Tool for Flex Servers, which will examine Flex technology and its inherent security risks.

As the Web evolves, Flex technologies provide businesses with faster, better and sleeker Internet applications. Flex is being deployed with increasing regularity without proper understanding of the security risks involved during implementation. As these new types of Internet applications gain a larger base within businesses, attackers also shift their focus towards subverting these technologies for financial gain.

Trustwave's SpiderLabs, one of the few groups with working knowledge and experience testing Flex technologies, have developed a testing tool called Deblaze. Deblaze ensures that the proper controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access to application functionality and data. This talk demonstrates how to use Deblaze, discusses the emerging security risks posed to Flex servers, and covers mitigation techniques.

SpiderLabs' Chris Pogue will present, Sniper Forensics - Changing the Landscape of Modern Forensics and Incident Response, which will look at live analysis tools and techniques to target only the systems that are part of a breach.

Rather than imaging tens of hundreds of terabytes after a breach and loading those images onto forensic software, live analysis tools and techniques allow incident responders to gather and review volatile data and RAM dumps using proven theories to target only the systems that are part of the compromise.

By using sound logic and data reduction based on forensic evidence extracted from live analysis, incident responders can introduce accuracy and efficiency into their casework at a level not available through any other means. Pogue will share tips, tools and techniques, and provide real-world examples of how live analysis can help change the landscape of modern forensic investigations, reduce the time spent on cases and increase accuracy.

"The experience and expertise of our advanced security team will teach attendees how to maintain an effective security posture against a multitude of different threats and how to properly respond to each," says Robert J. McCullen, chairman and CEO of Trustwave. "It's clear that attackers aren't slowing down; by sharing our findings businesses will understand the effectiveness of a layered security approach to protect their organization and the data it stores."

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