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Trustwave Launches Operational Technology Security Maturity Diagnostic Offering

Chicago, IL – April 11, 2023 – Trustwave today announced the launch of a new Operational Technology (OT) Security Maturity Diagnostic Offering. The new OT diagnostic offering is an assessment and advisory service centered on ensuring the security of industrial automation and control systems.

Threat actors are increasingly attempting to take advantage of the evolving convergence of IT and OT and the vulnerable data transfer between systems and networks. In response, Trustwave’s OT diagnostic is optimized to gain insight into an organization’s current state of OT security across people, processes, and technology. Trustwave’s team of OT experts will baseline an OT cybersecurity posture and build a roadmap leading to a mature strategy that reduces third-party risk, improves compliance, and maintains uptime.

"We believe a mature defense-in-depth approach to industrial automation and control systems is crucial,” said Nick Ellsmore, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Consulting and Professional Services at Trustwave. “With malicious actors continuously advancing their technical capabilities and resources to attack OT/IT networks, relying on security through obscurity or air-gapped networks is no longer practical to protect your infrastructure.”

Operational Technology environments tend to be unique, designed to conduct specific tasks, and in many cases, not designed with security in mind. In fact, many were created before cybersecurity was a primary concern. Trustwave realizes the constraints in many OT environments and that standard IT security models and frameworks do not fully support these special requirements. 

For OT Security Maturity Diagnostic clients, Trustwave’s experts take a collaborative workshop approach, enabling findings and recommendations to be discussed in an open and informed way with internal teams to maximize learning opportunities and ensure that key parts of the business and operations are engaged. OT Security Maturity Diagnostic clients can expect:

  • Alignment on cyber programs’ target state to best practices and established standards and alignment on security and business requirements to baseline the cybersecurity program
  • Identification of top risks to generate “quick wins” to help decision-makers mature the organization efficiently and effectively
  • Delivery of quick feedback to the business to support broader initiatives, business alignment, and visibility into risks
  • An Assessment Report that is tailored to the organization’s needs with findings and recommendations organized by identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover
  • An actionable roadmap to identify and articulate the vision for advancing the maturity of the OT security program, steps for achievement, and a narrative to obtain stakeholder engagement and define requirements

Finally, once the OT Diagnostic results are known, Trustwave can provide consultancy services to help an organization bolster resilience to threats to its OT environment. Trustwave’s specialized delivery team has broad experience across the functional domains and emerging cybersecurity areas. In addition, team members have extensive cybersecurity knowledge and experience solving complex security, data, and infrastructure challenges and can articulate issues at the technical and board levels.

Please click here for a complete overview of Trustwave’s Operational Technology (OT) Security Maturity Diagnostic offering and more on the dedicated webpage.

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