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Trustwave to Deliver Briefings at YSTS 3.0

Experts to Discuss Security Risks with Rich Internet Applications and Practical Database Security Testing

CHICAGO (June 18, 2009) - Trustwave, the leading provider of on-demand data security and payment card industry compliance management solutions to businesses and organizations throughout the world, will deliver multiple briefings at You Sh0t the Sheriff (YSTS) 3.0, 22 June, 2009, in São Paulo, Brazil. Kevin Stadmeyer, together with Jon Rose, and Wendel Henrique, all members of SpiderLabs, the advanced security team at Trustwave responsible for incident response and forensics, ethical hacking and application security, will deliver the separate presentations.

Kevin Stadmeyer and Jon Rose, Trustwave senior security consultants, will examine the security risks of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), which are used to enrich a Web application's user experience. RIAs are being deployed with increasing regularities without proper understanding of the security risks involved in implementation. Deploying Web applications without properly understanding RIA technologies can lead to the loss of sensitive business information and significantly increases the likelihood and severity of an attack against that organization.

Trustwave's SpiderLabs is one of the few groups with working knowledge and experience testing RIA technologies. Stadmeyer and Rose will demonstrate real-life code examples from both applications. They will present secure and insecure samples and will demonstrate ways to secure an insecure sample as a developer. They will also demonstrate how to attack these applications as a penetration tester.

"We have not found any Rich Internet Application research, as such, we initiated our own research effort," says Nicholas Percoco, vice president and head of SpiderLabs for Trustwave. "Our research will help developers build Rich Internet Applications that are more resistant to attack."


In a separate presentation, Wendel Henrique will demonstrate how to help secure leading database software. Such database technology is used in the data centers of 100 of the Fortune Global 100 companies. With wide-spread use, it is imperative that these databases are secure, as they store information related to the core business of the company, including customer and partner information, proprietary data, credit card data and more.


Using common scripts and codes, Henrique will demonstrate how the database can be compromised. He will review all the common steps necessary for an attack, including database identification, obtaining a database System Identifier (SID), gaining first access to the database, escalating privileges and finally back-door access for further probing.

If an attacker can exploit a custom or native database script, they may be able to escalate their privilege to administrator. As such, an attacker then has complete control over the entire database and consequently can execute commands in the operating systems or read, alter and/or delete any data in the database, such as credit card data. In complex environments, if one database system is compromised, attackers frequently are able to gain access to other databases due to insecure network connections.

"With evolving threat vectors resulting in more data compromises, businesses are required to secure their applications because ignorance is no longer a tolerated excuse," says Robert J. McCullen, chairman and CEO of Trustwave. "Trustwave will demonstrate how quickly these networks can be compromised and discuss how layered security is effective when keeping an environment protected."

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