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Trustwave Unveils Discover - A Data Loss Prevention Application

New Scanning Application Discovers Content Risk for Data at Rest

CHICAGO (February 17, 2010) - Trustwave, a leading provider of information security and compliance solutions, proudly unveils Discover, a new component in its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite. This new scanning application evaluates content risk of identified targets such as servers, databases and personal computers, to ensure that sensitive data is secure.

Identifying where sensitive data is stored helps an organization reduce information risk, take appropriate steps to ensure that data is protected, as well as manage compliance mandates. As an intelligent, content aware scanning application, Trustwave Discover allows administrators to identify and remediate information risk. These steps help ensure an organization then meets specific compliance mandates including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which requires protection of credit card numbers; state data privacy regulations, which require protection of personally identifiable information such as social security numbers; and intellectual property, which requires protection of strategic information, usually in the form of unstructured data.

The core of Trustwave Discover is its patented Content Analysis Engine, which performs text extraction for hundreds of file formats, and detects and analyzes structured and unstructured content. The Content Analysis Engine provides users with highly accurate pre-configured content categories to facilitate discovery and remediation activities of sensitive data to ensure compliance. Trustwave Discover also includes a "custom category builder," that simplifies the task of programming the application to detect content that is highly unique to a given enterprise.

To engage the tool, a user simply downloads the application to their personal computer (PC) and then connects to the corporate network. Once connected, the user identifies the scan targets, which can be file shares, removable drives, databases, laptops or desktops. The user then identifies the content risk categories that the application should scan for such as credit card numbers, personally identifiable information, social security numbers, protected health information, proprietary information, etc. The application can be programmed to search for content risk categories unique to the user's organization and set to perform these searches on a specified frequency level.

Once sensitive information is identified, users may review and disposition these files in the remediation screen. Trustwave Discover provides a review interface that allows users and administrators to see why the file was flagged and then take remedial action: move/copy, delete, ignore and vault. These capabilities are available for both files and database entries that are suspect. Bulk actions allow users to ensure that sensitive content is placed out of harm's way. Out-of-the-box reports allow users to review scan results and forward to administrators.

"As a teaching hospital, we have to adhere to multiple standards, which ensures our patients' personal information is secure," says Robert Shaffer, Director of Information Security at University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. "Trustwave's Discover provides us with a cost-effective DLP solution that helps us identify risks that lie within our organization and ways to secure that information to ultimately ensure our customer's security."

"This is the first solution of its kind," says Robert J. McCullen, chairman and CEO of Trustwave. "Trustwave Discover is a scalable solution that provides administrators with a simple and less expensive way to ensure sensitive data does not reside in inappropriate or insecure locations."

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