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Trustwave Unveils New Advanced Secure Email Gateway For Blended Threats

Robust Email Security Platform Addresses Targeted Phishing Campaigns, Complex Policy Control and is the Industry’s First to Support Microsoft Azure Rights Management

CHICAGO – January 10, 2019 – Trustwave today unveiled Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) 8.2, the latest iteration of its email security platform that offers organizations a comprehensive solution for advanced email security, extensive policy control and reporting. An industry first, Trustwave SEG 8.2 supports Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS), a fast-rising enterprise cloud-based protection service that employs encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure documents and email content traversing across networks and devices.

Email remains one of the largest attack surfaces for organizations of any size. Most compromises today stem from successful phishing campaigns, emailed malicious web links and attachments or data leakage due to breakdowns in protection controls around sensitive information. Trustwave SEG 8.2 delivers solid protection against an evolving email threat landscape while incorporating policy management and enforcement capabilities essential for achieving and maintaining data compliance regulations.

Trustwave SEG 8.2 is built on industry standards including Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to detect and block email spoofing, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to authenticate email senders and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) to pinpoint spam and phishing messages.

Standout features include:

  • Microsoft Azure (RMS) support – Trustwave SEG 8.2 is the market’s only secure email gateway that supports Azure RMS. As enterprises migrate to Azure RMS for enabling restricted access to documents and email both inside and outside the organization, protected content remains obfuscated, creating security blind spots. Trustwave SEG 8.2 decrypts Azure RMS content, scans for malicious purpose and then repackages that content, ensuring malware, malicious links and other nefarious threats stay out.
  • Leading-edge threat intelligence Trustwave SEG 8.2 is powered by near real-time threat intelligence derived from Trustwave SpiderLabs, an elite team of ethical hackers, incident responders and security researchers. As new intel on malware strains, malicious web links and evolving adversary tactics are identified, collected and tracked, it is pushed to Trustwave customers. The result is protection from rapidly spreading malware campaigns, targeted phishing attempts, blended threats including drive-by downloads, and a 99.9 percent rate of blocked spam with nearly zero false positives.i
  • Specialized Business Email Compromise engine Instead of relying on modified off-the-shelf technology, Trustwave SEG 8.2 incorporates a dedicated Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud detection engine for identifying low volume highly-targeted spear-phishing attacks. This engine is regularly updated with the latest threat intelligence and maintained by Trustwave SpiderLabs, renowned for their pioneering research in the BEC field.
  • Superior data loss prevention capabilities – Trustwave SEG 8.2 analyzes, manages and controls outbound content to provide full data loss prevention level inspection on emails and attachments to effectively manage confidential data and help meet stringent regulatory requirements. Email encryption is incorporated and automatically triggered by data loss prevention content inspection rules to ensure secure point-to-point communications.
  • Cloud-based email archiving – Cloud-based email archiving provides Trustwave SEG 8.2 customers an option for a secure non-delete archive of emails to reduce security risks and greatly improve storage by removing older emails from mail servers. Email archiving not only delivers significant cost savings on storage but can help organizations achieve and maintain data compliance.
  • Powerful management controls – Email administrators are challenged to keep pace as email naming standards change, custom user routing is required and HR policies surrounding communications become more complex. Trustwave SEG 8.2 provides flexibility in policy configuration with an advanced policy engine that allows for custom rules based on trigger points, content filtering and other requirements at a detailed level.

“Email is now synonymous with all facets of business and cybercriminals are constantly refining their methods to exploit that dependence,” said C.J. Spallitta, senior vice president of product management at Trustwave. “Most breaches today can be traced back to phishing or a malicious site visit as the initial point of entry. Trustwave helps ensure these newer blended threats are stopped before it ever reaches the inbox effectively eliminating the weakest link – the end user. As the first to scan Azure RMS traffic and ability to manage complex compliance requirements, we have set the bar for better email security.”

Trustwave offers several flexible deployment options for Trustwave SEG 8.2 including on-premises via software or virtual appliance or through the software-as-a-service or private cloud model and can quickly scale based on organization needs.

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