Secure Email Gateway

Delivers a single solution that provides advanced protection against today’s email-based threats, extensive policy controls, and in-depth data security and compliance management.

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Ensure Email is Safe for Business

Email can offer a fluid entry point for spam and other undesired non-business content, such as malicious code and phishing attacks, into your network. A Secure Email Gateway responds by protecting against growing and evolving threats and offering unmatched policy configuration to ensure productivity is not impacted.

What a Secure Email Gateway Brings to You

  • A single solution for security, policy control and reporting.Complete email protection against phishing, business email compromise.
  • Comprehensive management controls empowering you to easily manage email needs and non-standard configurations.
  • Powerful data loss protection to help safeguard your intellectual property and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • On-premises or cloud deployment options for ultimate control or set-it-and-forget-it convenience.
  • Built-in intelligence from elite Trustwave SpiderLabs email security researchers.
  • Premium support via 24x7x365 online, email and phone, plus maintenance updates.
  • Sophisticated, multi-layered approach that reduces false positives.
  • Granular and flexible policy engine to meet your needs.
Trial Software

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway Trial

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) Trial With SQL Express. This package includes links to 64-bit versions of virus/malware scanner trial software for use with SEG.

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Comprehensive Protection.

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    Advanced Threat Protection

    Thwart malicious content and URLs and deliver real-time, zero-day protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats.

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    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Scan outbound emails and attachments to provide full DLP-level inspection to manage confidential data and meet stringent industry and regulatory requirements.

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    Blended Threat Module

    Ensure that when one clicks on URLs in emails, they are protected anytime and from any device.

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    Extensive Policy Controls

    Implement custom policy configurations based on trigger points, content filtering and other policies for greater control.

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    Business Email Compromise

    Avoid targeted phishing and business email compromise attacks through the combination of email security measures, employee education and best practices.

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    Management and Reporting

    Acquire full visibility of your organization’s email activity through customizable reports that include types and volumes of threats, sender data and policy information.

White Paper

New Methods for Solving Phishing, Business Email Compromise and Other Security Threats

As organizations become more complex with the introduction of new tools and technology that aims to accelerate business processes, the attack landscape has expanded, offering an even greater opportunity for digital marauders to take advantage of the environment. This whitepaper dives into the latest findings on these threats and others, but more importantly, advises what you can do to thwart them.

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