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SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence Program

So a lot of people have been asking me "What do you do at Trustwave?" and I tell them I am the Threat Intelligence Manager. People usually start to smile like that's some kind of joke, like I manage intelligence or something and then they realize I am serious and they get this puzzled look on their face because they don't really know what Threat Intelligence really is. Well now I can point people to this Trustwave press release that came out today.

The release actually announces three things. First the Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall. You might think big deal, Yet Another WAF but this isn't just a static WAF, events are sent to the Trustwave SOC (Security Operations Centers) where real people will actually look at the events to generate alerts. That should cut way down on the false positive rate. The release also announces the Managed SIEM Appliance, which like the WAF uses real people at the Trustwave SOC to identify and mitigate security threats.

And the last thing on the release (but definitely not last to me) is the SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence Program. This is where I come in. Again Trustwave has decided to use real people, and not some automated script to aggregate information and copy and paste it into reports, to disseminate valuable information that will help you make better security decisions. If you know my background you know I have been doing exactly this for a very long time, but now I have access to cutting edge research done by the SpiderLabs team, sort of an inside view of what exactly is going on out there. Take the access to that research combined with numerous other information sources that have been cultivated over the years, apply some unique insight and analysis and you have the SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence Program.

I am very excited about the whole program. It will be delivered as a daily feed as well as quarterly summaries. This will really give organizations a heads up on evolving threats without having to spend their days reading a hundred blogs, following a thousand twitters, or trying to research everything all at once and still missing half of what is going on out there. Security professionals have enough to do without trying to stay abreast of the constantly changing landscape. That's what SpiderLabs does anyway, lets us do it.

So hopefully now when people ask me what I do and I say Threat Intelligence Manager I won't get that joking smile or that puzzled look.