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10 Resources to Turbocharge Your Security Awareness

It's National Cyber Security Awareness Month - a perfect time to emphasize the importance of your entire organization coming together to make information security a priority.

Earlier this month, we posted a blog about how to create a security awareness program that your employees won't resent, and I recommend reading it as you think of ways to drive more awareness across your business.

But there are many other amazing and actionable resources Trustwave has published and shared that serve as very useful tools for security practitioners like yourself.

We're always pleased when we send something new out and the positive "thank you" and "can we share this?" emails come in. Below is a list of 10 resources that can help you to create a more instructional security awareness program and spread the message of data protection to everyone, no matter your company's level of maturity.

1. Security Statistics: Looking for the latest security facts, figures and trends that can help you develop smarter policies and make sounder decisions? Trustwave has the key security statistics compiled in one place. Explore the latest stats, copy them to your clipboard, and then share them with employees, peers, management and your social network to drive even more awareness.

2. Webinars: Access more than 30 webinars with actionable tips, tricks and industry know-how featuring some of the brightest in the security industry, including Trustwave researchers, ethical hackers and technology gurus. Topics range from technical to basic so there's something for everyone in our webinar library.

3. Infographic: 10 Reasons to Test Not Guess: This nifty infographic offers 10 reasons why organizations should be driven to security test their entire infrastructure - from databases to networks to applications. This heavily downloaded and shared infographic can help you supercharge your vulnerability management program.

4. 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report: Based on actual threat intelligence and forensic investigations, the report takes you for a wild ride through the dark and seedy criminal underground, where vulnerabilities and exploits, breaches and stolen data, and criminal blueprints and profits rule the day. This comprehensive annual report not only chronicles major adversary developments, but also helps you plan future security investments and priorities in your role as crime fighter, data defender and risk reducer.

5. 2015 Security Pressures Report from Trustwave: The pressures facing today's information security professional are enough to fluster even the most composed data defender. Just how extensive are they? This popular report, based on a survey of more than 1,000 InfoSec practitioners, helps document and quantify the greatest sources of pressure you confront on a daily basis. Packed with meaningful stats and actionable recommendations, this second-annual report will lend context and insight to the most pressing challenges you face.

6. Security on the Shelf - An Osterman Research Survey Report: According to this report from industry analyst firm Osterman Research, many businesses aren't making full use of the security technologies they buy. Based on a survey of 172 IT pros, this first-of-its-kind study quantifies the primary reasons why this is happening and explains how working with a partner can help supplant the need to have to deal with on-premises software in the first place.

7. 2014 State of Risk Report from Trustwave: Based on a survey commissioned by Trustwave, this report details findings from a global survey asking 476 IT professionals about security weaknesses within their businesses. Aside from eye-opening stats, the report also shares helpful security tips and technology options.

8. Infographic: The Right Price for Cybercriminals: The modern malware marketplace has reached a point where cybercriminals with little to no knowledge and skill can purchase pre-packaged malicious software tools to launch devastating attacks that raid organizations of their most sensitive data. As this eye-catching infographic reveals, these "malware kits" are surprisingly affordable, often cheaper than merchandise and services people purchase every day.

9. 10 Principles of Database Security Design: This white paper teaches you Trustwave's fundamentals of database security program design gathered as a result of more than 15 years helping organizations design, implement and manage database security programs.

10. Video Case Study: One of our favorite ways to spread the Trustwave message is through our customers. We just published a video customer story with My Fit Foods, a 54-location retailer of healthy meals for people on the go. The company was experiencing IT challenges not uncommon to most companies, and found a more effective and reliable way to handle them. We also published a written case study as well that spotlights another company dealing with similar bottlenecks.

That's our Top 10 Trustwave resource list for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it if you didn't get a chance to peruse all 10. Use these tools to build smart learning into your security awareness program.