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Simulate a Crisis, Avoid a Catastrophe

Sports teams and the armed forces understand that ensuring everyone knows their role and has practiced it until they can do the job in the dark with their eyes closed is the only way to guarantee the proper reaction when it’s time to go to work.

Debunking 5 Myths of Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management is certainly a concern for most organizations, but being top of mind does not mean it's easy for organizations to understand or implement.

Protect your IT assets through Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Managed vulnerability scanning is a cybersecurity service that uses software, vulnerability scanners, and other tools to help an organization identify, track, evaluate, and mitigate security risks both inside their network and connected external sources.

On-Premise Email Security is Here to Stay

The days of massive server rooms and having every employee all under one roof may seem like they are gone forever, but for a great many organizations the on-premise work environment is still here and unlikely to be pushed out of service any time soon.

Trustwave Threat Hunt Team Uncovers Healthcare Industry Vulnerabilities

The healthcare industry has been struck with a growing number of cyberattacks over the last few months, raising concerns in the healthcare industry and in Washington, D.C. The continued onslaught of attacks has raised the question of how healthcare entities can and should be raising their cyber defenses.

Properly Explaining Risk Appetite to the C-Suite

In the first part of this series, we looked at some common issues when a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is communicating with the Board. At the heart of many of these issues is how the CISO and upper management view security.

Trustwave Answers 11 Important Questions on ChatGPT

ChatGPT can arguably be called the breakout software introduction of the last 12 months, generating both amazement at its potential and concerns that threat actors will weaponize and use it as an attack platform.

Trustwave Briefs Federal Officials on Cybersecurity Trends and Discoveries

Karl Sigler, Senior Security Research Manager, SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence, conducted a series of briefings in Washington, D.C., to federal officials on April 12-13, giving an update on what Trustwave SpiderLabs researchers are finding with the Russia-Ukraine War, ChatGPT, and current phishing trends.

Part 2: Is an RFP the Best Use of Your Organization’s Resources?

Trustwave offers a wide range of services—from Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Managed SIEM services from Splunk, Qradar, and Microsoft Sentinel security testing, to complex red team engagements, so we‘ve seen numerous of styles and approaches in the format and presentation of the requests.

How to Avoid Common Cybersecurity RFP Pitfalls: Part 1

At Trustwave, we see scores of requests for proposal (RFP) in all shapes and sizes, originating from nearly every conceivable industry, seeking solutions to their specific security challenges and desired business outcomes.

Pentagon Data Leak Shows the Danger an Insider Threat Presents

U.S. officials confirmed last week that a member of the military photographed and uploaded more than 50 classified documents to a Discord server and other social media sites, again reminding us of the danger insider threats can present to any organization.

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