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CISO Bytes Podcast: Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Combatting Nation-State Threats for Critical Infrastructure and Beyond

In this episode of the Trustwave CISO Bytes Podcast, host David Bishop, Chief Information Security Officer at Trustwave, sits down with Kory Daniels, Global Director, Cyber Defense Consulting at Trustwave, to discuss the Russia-Ukraine crisis, its impact on cybersecurity, and how organizations in critical infrastructure, operational technology (OT), supply chain and beyond can harden their cyber defenses against nation-state threats.

David and Kory also discuss how any cyberattacks driven by nation-state-backed hackers as part of this conflict could leak outside the battlefield and what that potential impact worldwide could look like. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Observations from the Russia-Ukraine crisis and what it could mean for cybersecurity 
  • What organizations are most at-risk during this time
  • How OT and critical organizations should secure their critical data and networks
  • What are some of the most frequent misses organizations make when executing OT, supply chain and critical infrastructure security 
  • Actionable advice for CISOs -- how can organizations harden their cyber defenses with supply chain risk in mind  

You can also read our blog Trustwave's Action Response: Russia-Ukraine Crisis – Defending Your Organization From Geopolitical Cybersecurity Threats for additional insights and recommendations for strengthening your cyber posture.

About CISO Bytes: 

Host Trustwave CISO David Bishop helps CISOs and security professionals navigate the constantly evolving world of cybersecurity. Guests from all corners of the industry share their expertise with the audience -- from detection and response, cyber strategy, threat intel, database security, pen testing, Red Teaming, government security and more.


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