Trustwave achieves verified MXDR solution and FastTrack ready partner status from Microsoft. Learn More

Trustwave achieves verified MXDR solution and FastTrack ready partner status from Microsoft. Learn More

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The Trustwave Blog empowers information security professionals to achieve new heights through expert insight that addresses hot topics, trends and challenges and defines best practices.


A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Data in the Digital Age

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, data stands as the linchpin of modern business operations.

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Simulate a Crisis, Avoid a Catastrophe

Trite old sayings aside, practice works.

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Trustwave Answers 11 Important Questions on ChatGPT

ChatGPT can arguably be called the breakout software introduction of the last 12 months, generating both amazement at its potential and concerns that threat actors will weaponize..

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Trustwave MailMarshal PageML Scanner Detects 30% More Phishing Attempts

Trustwave’s MailMarshal received a major update this month with the addition of PageML to the Blended Threat Module. The BTM enables the email security solution to conduct..

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4 Steps to Safeguarding SD-WAN in Response to Rise of Remote Work

Ensuring employees operate securely regardless of location has grown in importance over the last several years as the number of people working remotely has exploded. These workers..

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6 Australian Public Sector Cyber Trends to Watch in 2023

As AISA’s Cyber Conference 2023 being held in Canberra March 20-22 approaches, I thought I would go over some of the hot topics that I expect delegates from Australian public..

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The Trustwave Advantage: We Detect What Others Can't

The key to maintaining a successful cyber defense is being proactive and not simply hoping your security technology stack manages to keep threat actors at bay. An organization..

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BEC Attackers Switch Tactics Using Phishing Emails to Steal Merchandise

Cybercriminals who use Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are switching up their tactics, with some groups now targeting actual merchandise instead of money in their phishing..

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Why Database Security is Integral to an Organization's Overall Security Posture

An organization's database contains intellectual property, information on clients, product development, personal information on its workers, and in many cases, critical..

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Operational Technology Security Needs an Urgent Upgrade

Operational Technology (OT) security has been thrown into the spotlight in the wake of several recent high-profile supply chain attacks targeting critical infrastructure. Security..

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Sen. Mark Warner Calls for Better Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Industry

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) issued the 35-page report Cybersecurity on Patient Safety on November 3, which called the ongoing transition to better cybersecurity for the..

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5 Reasons Why Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Must be on Every Company's Security Roadmap

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions offered by security firms today are a far cry from those first deployed by vendors.

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Russia-Ukraine War Raising the Awareness of Nation-State Attacks

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has heightened government and business awareness around the reality that nation-state cyber threats pose.

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How to Get Security Peace of Mind Against Advanced Email Threats

The dangers of email security are often understated. One successful email attack can lead to malware injection, system compromise, impersonation, espionage, ransomware and more.

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis Heightens Malicious Cyber Activity: 8 Ways to Bolster Your Cyber Defense

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has placed organizations worldwide on full alert due to the possibility that cyberattacks related to the conflict may impact..

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Achieving Cyber Resilience With a Proper Training Program

A critical part of improving a business’ cyber resilience is ensuring staff, including the executives and the board of directors, are all champions of promoting and driving..

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CISO Bytes Podcast: Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Combatting Nation-State Threats for Critical Infrastructure and Beyond

In this episode of the Trustwave CISO Bytes Podcast, host David Bishop, Chief Information Security Officer at Trustwave, sits down with Kory Daniels, Global Director, Cyber..

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Nation-State Actors or Common Cybercriminal, Your Cyber Fundamentals May Be Your Achilles’ Heel

I have seen quite a few articles of late proclaiming that a major cyberattack against Australia is imminent as a result of the ongoing situation in Ukraine, and in truth it's kind..

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