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Infographic: Finding Big Benefits in Big Data

You have a huge amount of information living in and across your systems - structured data, unstructured data, sensitive data, compliant data, and more. From enterprise databases to Facebook posts, what if you could take your data in all its various forms, apply the right analytics to it, and then use it to better secure your business, become more efficient, and even drive more revenue as a result of that knowledge?

That's big data. And it's become a big deal.

And interest in the topic doesn't rest in information technology circles: big data is appearing in headlines across mainstream and business media outlets including Bloomberg, CFO Magazine, CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and more. It's not hard to understand why, as more than 73 percent of companies have used data to increase revenue.

The more you know about your data, the more you can use it to your advantage. But using big data takes computing firepower, business know-how and stronger protection for snowballing data sets.

We've created a new infographic that gives you a colorful snapshot into this emerging trend -- offering insight into the sheer volumes and varied types of data out there, and how smart companies are tapping big data for business analytics, security intelligence and compliance.