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Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

Our two blogs are the primary way we communicate with the security community at large - and each has its own distinct flavor. 

The Trustwave Blog covers relevant and timely security topics, but does so in more general way that all security-minded individuals, from dilettante to veteran, can find valuable. Meanwhile, the SpiderLabs blog is more technically focused and takes deep dives into various subjects that typically emanate from our proprietary research and forensic investigations.

Please enjoy the five most-read posts from each of our blogs in 2016. And stick around next year, as more amazing content is coming your way. Happy New Year!

Trustwave Blog

1)  When Your CEO Isn't Your CEO: 4 Ways to Avoid the Scam

CEO fraud email attacks are so believable, they have cost businesses $2.3 billion, according to the FBI. Are you prepared to handle them?

2) 12 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes and How to Help Avoid Them

We all make mistakes. But when it comes to cybersecurity, your success lies in sidestepping the big - and often obvious - ones.

3) What You Need to Know About PCI DSS 3.2 (And Why Security Comes First)

PCI DSS version 3.2 has arrived, and you have until 2018 to implement the changes. But as you'll learn, the requirements should be considered best practices to adopt as soon as possible.

4) Should You Re-Evaluate Your Security Strategy? [Flowchart]

Considering how quickly the threat landscape is evolving due to advanced attacks, emerging technologies and compliance requirements, is it time for you to rethink your security strategy? Find out with this nifty flowchart.

5) Here's What You Need to Know About Ransomware [Podcast]

The risk posed by ransomware refuses to recede. In fact, it is evolving to be more insidious by the day. SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence Manager joined "Trustwave Talks" to dig into the treacherous topic of ransomware.

SpiderLabs Blog

1) How I Cracked a Keylogger and Ended Up in Someone's Inbox

You'll never believe what Security Research Rodel Mendrez stumbled across when he was probing a malicious spam campaign that was distributing rogue RTF files masquerading as benevolent Word documents.

2) A Backdoor in Skype for Mac OS X

We uncovered a "backdoor" in Skype for Mac OS X that permits an all-access pass to a Skype client, no permission required. 

3) Intercepting SSL and HTTPS Traffic with Mitmproxy and SSLsplit

Looking for vulnerabilities in mobile applications and smart home devices presents multiple challenges - one of which is the ability to intercept and edit encrypted communication between a device and the server it talks to.

4) Zero-Day Auction for the Masses

We jettisoned deep into the cybercriminal underground, where we spotted a live auction for a potential Windows zero-day vulnerability.

5) Neutrino Exploit Kit Not Responding - Bug or Feature?

This post tells the story of one of the most prolific exploit kits, confused researchers and OS fingerprinting.

Dan Kaplan is manager of online content at Trustwave and a former IT security reporter and editor.