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The Benefits of Upskilling in Cybersecurity

The cyber skills gap is more than just a bump in the road for security leaders. With organizations continuing to scale up, more data is available to business leaders, allowing them to tap into new revenue streams, understand where they should cut costs, and make data-driven decisions that could have an enormous positive impact. While beneficial, it can also affect the cyber risk tolerance of the business, resulting in a challenging task at hand for security leaders, especially if resources from a talent standpoint are scarce. 

We’re sure you’ve heard it by now, but the cybersecurity industry is in a skills crisis. Millions of jobs are currently open, but there aren’t enough professionals available to fill them, and even if you were able to find the right individual for a role through a recruiting service, it could be costly. 

We always hear about this problem time and time again, and it’s because it’s easy to describe since it’s been prevalent for years. The real challenge, though, comes in addressing it.

“It’s very easy to paint this horrible picture of how doom and gloom this industry is in,” says Chris Schueler, senior vice president of Managed Security Services at Trustwave. “But we need to become engineers and problem solvers.” 

How should security leaders be tackling this talent shortage? Rather than looking outside of the business, it’s important to invest in and train your current staff

“One of the big things that we’re faced with is a constant state of evolution from an adversary perspective,” Schueler says. “So on the flip side, we need to think about a constant state of evolution [in terms of] training.”

In the full video interview featuring Schueler, he discusses how conventional problem-solving has no place in information security, how focusing on training your current team can help overcome the talent gap obstacles nearly every enterprise faces, and what areas of focus security leaders should hone in on to train up their teams. 

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Marcos Colón is the content marketing manager at Trustwave and a former IT security reporter and editor.