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Trustwave Talks: How to Avoid Underusing Your Security

It should come as no surprise that organizations are spending more than they ever have on security software, hardware and other services. But what may baffle some is how much of that spend is going to waste because organizations are unable to properly deploy and maintain those solutions due to various resource constraints.

Trustwave recently commissioned the "Security on the Shelf" report in conjunction with Osterman Research and determined that 28 percent of organizations are not getting the full value out of their security-related software investments. Of the $115 per user that organizations spent on security software in 2014, $33 of the investment was either underutilized or never used at all.

In a new episode of "Trustwave Talks," we sat down with the smart (and snowbound) Trustwave Vice President of Product Management Josh Shaul to learn why organizations are having difficulty optimizing their security purchases - and whether there is a more effective security strategy on which to embark.

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