A highly scalable database security platform that enables organizations to secure their relational databases and big data stores, both on premises and in the cloud, with a distributed architecture and enterprise-level analytics.

Enterprise Database Security Platform

Databases contain sensitive and proprietary information, making them a prized target for cybercriminals who are constantly looking for ways to access valuable data for large financial payoffs. Trustwave DbProtect helps your business overcome resource limitations to uncover database configuration errors, access control issues, missing patches, and other weaknesses that could lead to data leakage and misuse and other serious repercussions.

What DbProtect Brings to You

  • A real-time view of database assets, vulnerabilities, risk levels, user privileges, anomalies and incidents via a single intuitive dashboard.
  • The ability to detect, alert and take corrective action against suspicious activities, intrusions and policy violations.
  • Integration into your SIEM to provide threat hunters with full context into database alerts to protect against advanced, persistent, stealthy and insider threats.
  • Powerful database scanning helps you visualize what users can do with your most sensitive data, and how that access was granted so you can take preventative measures to reduce risk
  • Extensive and continuously updated analytics and knowledgebase of relational database and big data stores, backed by Trustwave SpiderLabs.
  • Compliance reporting capabilities across multiple sets of business, security and regulatory policies.
  • High scalability and protection for critical databases across the entire organization – both on premises and in the cloud.
  • Trustwave can help you get the most out of your database security investment by managing DbProtect for you – maintaining and managing scan scheduling and providing real-time database activity monitoring.

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Secure your data where it lives – on premise, cloud, hybrid cloud – any data, anywhere.

Trustwave DbProtect is a database security platform that uncovers database configuration, identification and access control issues, missing patches, or settings that could lead to privileges attacks, data leakage, denial-of-service or unauthorized data modification.


Secure. Manageable. Flexible.

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    Discovery and Inventory

    Survey databases across your entire enterprise, along with their respective objects, users and enabled security features.

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    Conduct Assessments

    Examine data stores for vulnerability, configuration and user rights issues through built-in and customized policies.

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    Identify Excessively Privileged User Accounts

    Proactively establish an environment of least privilege by gaining visibility into who has access to your sensitive data.

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    Implement Controls

    Address high-risk vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, while assigning exceptions to ones that cannot immediately be patched.

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    Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

    Reduce the resource burden on internal teams by identifying and alerting on unusual or suspicious behavior.

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    Audit Privileged User Behavior

    Collect forensic audit trails of all privileged activities to satisfy compliance requirements.

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    Detect, Alert and Respond to Policy Violations

    Send alert messages for operations center personnel to take appropriate action when a security violation is identified.

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    Reporting, Integration and Analytics

    Run analytics and reports against your current status, and demonstrate progress and operational efficiency.

Research Report

2020 Trustwave Data Security Index

The 2020 Trustwave Data Security Index report depicts how technology trends, compromise risks and regulations are shaping how organizations’ data is stored and protected.

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Highly Scalable, Software-based Architecture

Virtual environment ready
Non-disruptive agentless scan engines
Lightweight, low-network footprint sensor technology
No network reconfiguration needed

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