Intrusion/Prevention System

Reduce risks of downtime or data loss resulting from malicious network traffic.

Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Protection

Your needs have grown to safeguard your sensitive data and systems as threats continue to bombard your network. An Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDPS) helps helps your business overcome in-house resource limitations by using proprietary threat intelligence to monitor for, alert on and block malicious traffic.

What an Intrusion Detection/Prevention System Brings to You

A first-class, high-speed intrusion detection engine.
The ability to identify and block the latest attacks, backed by integrated threat intelligence from Trustwave SpiderLabs.
Improved customer satisfaction by avoiding attacks, downtime and data loss.
Long-term predictable costs with zero capital investment.

Comprehensive Protection.

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    Protect Against Threats

    Enable your organization to control access inside the network to secure assets with full-state inspection.

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    Works With Your Network

    Defend assets without redesigning your network thanks to a transparent, Layer-2 appliance in which neither IP nor routing changes are necessary.

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    Customize to Your Environment

    Tailor control to meet the specific needs of the environment with targeted signature sets.

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    Constantly Updated Protection

    Address the latest network-based threats, including in some cases zero-day exploits, with signature updates.