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Microsoft Advanced Notification for September 2012 - Bad News, Good News

Microsoft has released its AdvancedNotification for September 2012. The bad news is that there are twomore patches you will need to apply to your systems this month. The good newsis that there are only two new patches that you need to apply to your systemsthis month. When compared to April 2011 with its 17 patches and 64 bugs, two isan awesomely low number. Not as great as the few months we have had with nopatches, but hey, we aren't complaining.

The first patch, rated important, will apply to Visual FoxPro,which is a set of tools used to create and manage high-performance, 32-bitdatabase applications and components.

The second patch, also rated important, will apply to System Center ConfigurationManager, which helps manage physical, virtual, and mobile clients with thingslike application delivery, desktop virtualization, security and other coolstuff.

Both of these patches should be available for download and showup in Windows Update at around 2:00pm EST next Tuesday (9/11/2012).

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