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Leadership Lessons in Managing Cloud Cyber-Attacks

This year at The Digital Academy Virtual Launch Symposium (June 21-25), hosted by GovTech Singapore, key questions were asked:

  • What does a digital-native government look like?
  • What are the key digital competencies required to drive transformational change within the public sector?
  • In what ways can the government include the digitally-excluded parts of society in technology-focused initiatives?

And during the week-long learning festival, Wilson Tan, Director of Singtel | Trustwave Cyber Security Institute (CSI), presented his focused session on cybersecurity “It is a matter of when, NOT if. Leadership lessons in managing cyber-attacks” at the Digital Academy.

“It is critical for your agency to be prepared for an inevitable cyber-attack and not be solely reactive,” said Wilson. “Reactive security is no longer viable in today’s evolving threat landscape. Make sure you have a comprehensive, proactive cyber plan that enables you to protect, detect and respond effectively so your agency can make it through a crisis successfully.”

As a follow up to the session, Trustwave offers courses on risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and incident response management on a regular basis. To date, Trustwave has trained over 500 Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) and Senior Information Risk Manager (SIRM) in the public sector.

The Cloud Presents Security Challenges

One of the key themes discussed at the conference was the cloud. Reaching a state of cyber resiliency in the age of the cloud is one the biggest challenges security leaders and organisations across the state-level or enterprise-level face. A new layer of complexity is added when it comes to locating and securing dispersed data housed in numerous environments. Ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations also becomes a more convoluted task, as organisations must account for data being held with different providers, potentially in multiple locations around the world.

The cloud also makes it easier for cybercriminals to launch attacks. The 2021 Email Threat Report from Trustwave found that cybercriminals increasingly used free cloud infrastructure to host phishing pages for malicious files and sending emails – piggybacking on the cloud services’ good reputation.

How Trustwave Helps You Stay Secure in the Cloud

A successful cloud security strategy starts with ensuring you have the expertise on your team to help you truly understand the complexities and risks the cloud presents.

Trustwave offers expert guidance from our Consulting and Professional Services team to define an effective security strategy to protect cloud environments and data in the cloud. We can also offer assistance to deploy new technologies like Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), as well as ongoing tuning and optimization.

And with actionable threat intelligence from Trustwave SpiderLabs along with advanced analytics in the purpose-built and cloud-native Trustwave Fusion open XDR platform, we can help you meet any strenuous security needs as you embrace the cloud.

“Trustwave doesn’t just offer disparate point solutions to help you mitigate risk in the cloud,” said Edwin Lim, General Manager, Trustwave Asia. We offer a full suite of services and products – from Cybersecurity Executive Training and MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway to DbProtect Database Security and world-class Managed Detection and Response – that were purpose-built to combat the continuously evolving threat landscape and the complexities of the cloud.”

For more information about how Trustwave can help your organization can stay safe in the cloud, please visit our website: https://www.trustwave.com/en-us/