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Now Open: Security Stats Hub for Infosec Pros

Not too long ago, the security leader of a given organization - if the role even existed at all - focused their days on technical and administrative duties above all else. They were largely quarantined to the back pockets of the IT bullpen, only to be called upon when something went noticeably amiss.

But thanks to a head-spinning cavalcade of data breaches over the past several years and a rapidly growing recognition that security isn't just an IT issue, the capacity of the security leader has morphed from resident geek to daily firefighter to enterprise risk management ambassador and strategist. Primary among this evolving responsibility is the need to effectively connect and communicate with stakeholders across all departments, from the rank-and-file up to board-level executives. The goal is to get people interested in cybersecurity so they will be incentivized to practice safer computing and motivated to invest in its growth.

To help facilitate that obligation, Trustwave today announced a new, online security statistics hub designed to empower information security professionals with useful, actionable and understandable data to support their security awareness education initiatives, to assist in negotiating through their budget processes, and to gain more board- and C-level support for their cybersecurity programs. The stat "nerve center" is a one-stop shop for discovering the latest cybercrime, data breach, and general security threat trends, statistics and insights.

Information technology and security professionals can explore the latest security stats, copy interesting findings to their clipboard for use in their professional documents and presentations, and share on their social networks. The hub continuously will be updated with new nuggets of information as they become available.

The stats are reliable because they are credible. They are based on: 

  • Hundreds of data breach investigations conducted by Trustwave SpiderLabs® each year and featured in the annual Trustwave Global Security Report
  • Proprietary threat intelligence from Trustwave's large, global client footprint including our five global security operations centers and telemetry from security technologies
  • SpiderLabs malware reverse-engineering projects, millions of scans, penetration tests, advanced security research and leadership in open-source security projects like ModSecurity®
  • New discoveries and research featured in Trustwave SpiderLabs blog posts
  • Research from independent industry analyst firms

We know you are under increasing pressure to secure your organization, fend off external and internal threats, roll out IT projects quickly and adopt emerging technologies - all while facing serious resource constraints and increasing C-level attention. One way to carry your message across the organization is to present data no eye can turn away from. We hope you enjoy!

Access the new security statistics hub online: https://www.trustwave.com/security-stats.