Join Trustwave at the 2023 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in London, September 26-28. Learn More

Join Trustwave at the 2023 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in London, September 26-28. Learn More

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The Trustwave Advantage: We Detect What Others Can't

The key to maintaining a successful cyber defense is being proactive and not simply hoping your security technology stack manages to keep threat actors at bay. An organization needs not only a properly constructed and manned security structure, but one that is operated in conjunction with a partner that has a deep historical understanding of how threat operators work, matched with an elite team of researchers and analysts who can proactively find threats before they cause harm.

Detecting Known and Unknown Threats

With 25-plus years in business as a cybersecurity provider with unparalleled security solutions, backed by the elite SpiderLabs team, Trustwave has the institutional knowledge and skill to find known vulnerabilities and threats, and the technology and staff to find them proactively.

While one might believe it's easy to find known vulnerabilities, it’s important to keep in mind that threat actors are highly skilled at remaining under the radar, and it takes experience to suss out their operations.

Trustwave uses its historical knowledge and database of known threats – backed by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation to improve the likelihood of detecting threats. Trustwave's telemetry is enriched with SpiderLabs threat intelligence, proprietary research, penetration testing, and threat hunts.

Detecting unknown vulnerabilities and threat actors uses many of the same tools, but with more of an emphasis on a threat research team dedicated to discovering zero days and with a unique visibility of the threat landscape due to deep dark web infiltration.

Additionally, this year, Trustwave officially introduced a game-changing, patent-pending methodology called Advanced Continual Threat Hunt that takes the company's proactive abilities to a new level. The process is centered on finding Indicators of Behavior in client systems listed in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This approach allows Trustwave Threat Hunt teams to conduct significantly more human-led threat hunts, resulting in a 3x increase in behavior-based threat findings. These discoveries might otherwise go undetected by current EDR tools.

Trustwave’s email security solution MailMarshal also received a recent update, boosting its ability to detect phishing emails, spam, and malicious URLs. MailMarshal version 10.0.5 has the ability to detect  of previously ‘hard-to-detect' samples. This increase is extremely important as email is one of the primary threat vectors exploited by threat actors. Such hard-to-detect phishing emails include those from compromised Microsoft 365 accounts, and otherwise legit email senders.

A More Accurate and Faster Response

The Trustwave difference revolves around the company's cloud-native Fusion platform. The Fusion platform is an incredibly powerful system capable of providing Trustwave with the insight, context, and capabilities to protect and defend clients, while at the same time giving clients visibility into their network.

Fusion leverages thousands of automated playbooks and bi-directional APIs across a client's environment enabling a quick investigative response to any threat. This content includes field-proven response capabilities developed from responding to thousands of incidents globally.

Fusion is also a communications platform. SpiderLabs issues important notices, updates, and security advisories through Fusion, so clients have up-to-the-minute information. Then, if something suspicious or dangerous is spotted and an investigation begins, Fusion becomes a conduit where the client can effectively see and connect with the Trustwave Incident Response team. This type of visibility is critical to remain vigilant against the modern adversary.

Trustwave Helps Maximize Value from a Client's Cyber Investments

A large organization's security technology stack could cost millions of dollars. Yet, between their inherent complexity and the lack of skilled cybersecurity workers to manage and refine the tools, many firms are not getting the maximum impact from their investment.

Trustwave helps clients deploy the right security controls in the right place and fine-tune their technology to protect from and detect threats properly. Trustwave's extensive library of optimal configurations and proven use cases unlock the value of your security tools from day one.

This is also accomplished via Trustwave’s Co-Managed SOC solution, which is a powerful offering that has a tremendous track record of helping organizations maximize the value realized from their SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) investment, reducing alert noise by up to 90%, while maintaining a position of “your SIEM, your content.”

Trustwave then combines this with intel gathered from its global client base to tune and improve detection and response continuously. As a result, every client gains from what Trustwave learns daily while protecting thousands of systems.

This process gives the highest return across a portfolio of cyber investments, brings an accelerated time to value, and helps firms avoid shelf-ware in their cybersecurity portfolio. In addition to maximizing a security investment, partnering with Trustwave frees up staff by properly tuning a system, so it does not generate unnecessary alarms allowing them to focus on what truly matters and not get bogged down by alerts.

Future Proof Your Security

The final piece of the security puzzle is Trustwave Security Colony. IDC singled out Security Colony as a "hidden gem." Security Colony is a powerful self-service resource that gives CISOs and security teams direct access to numerous tools that will allow them to self-diagnose problems. Security Colony contains hundreds of self-help videos, documents, and assessment tools that enable a client to take proactive steps to ensure their security at no additional cost.

Trustwave includes Security Colony access with its Managed Detection and Response solutions. 

The Trustwave difference allows clients to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape and expanding attack surfaces. This is accomplished by developing our own cutting-edge technology and partnering with top-flight security firms to utilize their security expertise, essentially acting as a force multiplier.

However, there is more to Trustwave than its technology, people, and history of protecting clients. The company’s philosophy of emphasizing Digital Trust is paramount. Trustwave takes its responsibility seriously, if a client is breached, we are breached; we believe in complete transparency, so a client – through Fusion - can see what we see; and we understand that as part of a client’s supply chain, we must remain secure.