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Top 10 Trustwave Blog Posts for 2022: Email Security, MDR Top of Mind for Readers

The most popular Trustwave blog posts in 2022 were a roadmap of what concerns our clients and the cybersecurity industry at large had during the year. With phishing attacks continuing to be a threat actor’s primary attack vector, it was no surprise that topic was most read. Managed Detection and Response, the cybersecurity skills gap, and the Russia-Ukraine War were also popular topics. 

Trustwave invites you to take a quick glance back at the year that was.

1. How to Get Security Peace of Mind Against Advanced Email Threats  

The dangers of email security are often understated. One successful email attack can lead to malware injection, system compromise, impersonation, espionage, ransomware, and more. After all, phishing remains the top attack vector used by hackers. The FBI reported phishing scams were extremely prominent, with 323,972 complaints being made in the U.S. in 2021, compared to 241,342 the previous year. Adjusted losses resulting from these attacks is more than $44 million, a $10 million decrease from 2020. 

2. With Trustwave, the Best in MDR Just Got Better | Trustwave

Trustwave has created new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to deliver unmatched capabilities tailored to fit an organization regardless of size or budget.

While larger organizations may have the resources for heavy security investments, small and medium enterprises (SME) often struggle to keep up with this punishing pace and finding enough qualified security personnel can be even more challenging with the ongoing skills shortage. 

3. Purple Team Exercises: Preparing a Cybersecurity Team for a Red Team Attack

At Trustwave SpiderLabs, we think of security as a three-legged stool: Logical (computers, network, and infrastructure), Physical, and of course the human element, Social Engineering.

Less talked about, unfortunately, is the most important part of the analogy, the client, which our three legs support. Therefore, it is imperative that if a company truly wants to secure its data, then all three of the legs of this security stool must be given equal attention.

4. Why MDR is Your Most Important Security Investment

The cybersecurity threat landscape is continuously evolving, with the frequency and impacts of threats like malware and ransomware increasing every year. Today, organizations of all sizes and in every industry sector must be proactively searching for emerging threats and actively monitoring risk to protect themselves – and respond quickly in the event that a threat is identified. Amid this challenging threat landscape, organizations are struggling to find enough cybersecurity professionals to staff their teams. Globally, there is a cybersecurity worker shortage of nearly 3 million. So how can companies undertake proactive threat detection and response during a vast skills shortage?

5. Log4j: How a Single Vulnerability Can Affect Multiple Systems

There are truisms that span history. One truism is that a single mistake can lead to disaster, and to some extent the series of vulnerabilities affecting the organizations that use Apache Log4j prove this out.  

6. How Rugby Can Teach Cybersecurity Leaders to Build and Manage their Teams

Leadership and teamwork personally and professionally have long been a passion of Trustwave’s Pacific General Manager Jason Whyte. While we all interpret and digest the concepts differently, Jason usually finds the strongest parallels in team sports.

Over the last couple of months there has been no shortage of sport available to watch – tennis, cricket tests, state of origin, rugby (mostly look forward to the seeing the Springboks play) and AFL requires an obligatory mention. Given some of the economic headwinds we face in our region this year, Jason  shares some of his thoughts. 

7. Russia-Ukraine Crisis Heightens Malicious Cyber Activity: 8 Ways to Bolster Your Cyber Defense

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has placed organizations worldwide on full alert due to the possibility that cyberattacks related to the conflict may impact organizations outside of the region. 

Trustwave's Darren Van Booven, Lead Principal Consultant, and Grayson Lenik, Director of Consulting and Professional Services, Trustwave Government Solutions, recently conducted a webinar “ ” that looked at the current threat landscape and made cyber defense recommendations for organizations.

8. Russia’s FSB Takes Down REvil Cyber Gang in an Unprecedented Series of Raids

Reuters reported the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and local police launched a series of raids against members of the REvil/Sodinokibi ransomware gang at the request of the United States. More than a dozen arrests were made with millions in cash and goods being confiscated by authorities.

This unprecedented action from the Russian Federal Security Service aligns with the fear that we've observed while conducting cybercriminal chatter reconnaissance on the Dark Web. 

9. Trustwave: A Great Place to Start Your Cybersecurity Career

Trustwave operates in an incredibly technical environment using some of the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to protect our clients from cyberattacks. 

However, we know that without a brilliant, talented, and diverse workforce operating behind the scenes, even the finest technology available will not get the job done, and our clients will be vulnerable. So, with that in mind, Trustwave is always on the lookout for new talent, or Trustees as we like to call our staffers, who can come on board and contribute to our success.

10. 5 Reasons Why Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Must be on Every Company's Security Roadmap

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions offered by security firms today are a far cry from those first deployed by vendors.

To better understand how MDR has grown over the years and the changes Trustwave has implemented to stay ahead of the curve, we spoke with Trustwave's Jesse Emerson, Vice President, Solution Architecture & Engineering.