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We're bound for SecTor and we've got lots going on at the show

Our Trustwave team will hit Toronto this week for SecTor, Canada's premier IT security conference. We attend the show every year, but this time, our presence will be bigger than ever.

We are presenting three talks and leading a forensic training session that takes attendees behind the scenes of a cybercrime investigation. We are also hosting a "Trustwave Security Day" event for our customers.

Oh, and how can we forget -  we are also coordinating the puzzle contest! What is that, you ask? Puzzle contests are a common happening at information security conferences. When attendees walk in the door, they are handed a puzzle they must solve by the end of the event. Our puzzle puts conference-goers in the shoes of a forensic investigator who is assigned to track down a security professional who went rogue and became a hit man. It's a healthy dose of problem solving and competition, two things we know security practitioners love.

At our booth on the show floor (#600), we are offering free risk assessments and a surprise gift. By simply answering a list of important questions about their security posture, attendees will learn which specific risks they face and how they can minimize those deficiencies before a would-be attacker takes advantage and steals their valuable information.

(If you can't make the show, good news: You can take the risk maturity assessment for free online. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and afterward you'll receive a brief summary of your results, followed a few days later by a personalized, comprehensive report that includes advice based on industry standards and best practices.)

Of course, we hope to see you at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for SecTor! Come solve our puzzle, take our risk assessment survey, receive a gift and pop in on our presenters.

Here are more details about the talks: 

  • Tuesday, 1:25 p.m.:"The World's Deadliest Malware" Malware is a silent threat. How are targets selected? How does the malware get deployed? What does it do once it gets there? Why does anti-virus not catch it? Pogue will answer those questions and unveil the cutting-edge tools and techniques that are currently being used to identify this kind of criminal activity.
  • Wednesday, 1:25 p.m.:"Swiping Cards at the Source: POS & Cash Machine Security" Presented by Trustwave Managing Consultant   Ryan Linn and Senior Consultant John Hoopes. Point-of-sale systems and cash machines are frequently targeted by cybercriminals. Linn and Hoopes will reveal the types of attacks being executed against these types of machines, where these systems are vulnerable from physical attacks to network and trojan attacks, and how to proactively deal with the problems.