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Why We're Extra Excited This Year About Our SC Magazine Awards Europe Nominations

The SC Magazine Awards 2014 Europe ceremony is around the corner, and Trustwave has been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories - Best Web Content Management Solution for Trustwave Secure Web Gateway and Best Network Access Control Solution for Trustwave Network Access Control.

This year, these two nominations carry more meaning for us than ever before. Malware is responsible for a string of high-profile data breaches that have made headlines in recent months. The individuals perpetrating these attacks are more sophisticated than ever before and are creating and using malicious software programs that many traditional anti-virus solutions cannot detect. As a result, organizations of all shapes and sizes are falling victim to intrusions designed to plunder sensitive data. And all too often, they don't realize what's happening until it is too late.

Our 2014 Security Pressures Report, which detailed the findings of a survey asking more than 800 full-time IT professionals worldwide about the pressures they face surrounding security, revealed that targeted malware was the threat IT pros felt the most pressure to protect against - with 64 percent noting increased pressure over the previous year. This is backed up by a recent Osterman Research survey of security professionals, which showed that malware has infiltrated 74 percent of organizations through the web during the past year, while 76 percent of the time businesses fail to detect malware themselves. These statistics show the increasing need for defenses built to protect businesses - in real time - from threats like targeted malware, blended attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Of course, we'd be lying if we said there's a silver bullet to make this all go away. There isn't. But there are ways to make your organization either able to detect a breach quickly enough to catch attackers in the act and limit any damage - or make your environment a far less attractive target for the criminals in the first place.

At Trustwave, we're constantly analyzing, testing, classifying and investigating threats across every entryway into an organization - and then building that intelligence directly into our products, particularly Secure Web Gateway and Network Access Control. These two state-of-the-art technologies, both of which were also named as finalists for the 2014 SC Magazine Awards in the U.S., serve as front-line soldiers in defending against and responding to a variety of threats, including unauthorized users and devices and advanced malware.

You can read about what makes these products special by visiting here and here.

SC Magazine U.K. is planning to announce the award winners on April 29 during a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. We are looking forward to learning who wins and will continue to update and evolve our technologies so that they uphold their commitment to helping businesses stay ahead of the criminals in today's ever-changing arms race.